Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One in a million!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I as I sit here thinking about the holidays, I am a bit saddened that Karl is stuck working his normal hours tonight, which means getting home a little after 7pm, when the kids are already in bed.

I hate Karl's job to be perfectly blunt and I know in these hard economic times I should just be grateful that he has a job at all, but after having had a boss who was one-in-a-million, I guess I am spoiled.

For 5+ years I worked for a friend - it was a small business with less than 10 employees - and my friend was an awesome boss. He took care of his employees as if they were his family - and we really were a small family. He looked out for us and we, in turn, looked out for each other. He wasn't the type to sit back behind the desk while doling out orders and watching the rest of us bust our humps. No, not him...he was right there with us, busting his hump too. If one of us needed a day off, he picked up the extra work himself half the time. At Christmas we got very generous Christmas bonus's ...and my kids weren't forgotten either. Birthdays he'd take us out for lunch/dinner and there was always a bouquet of flowers at my door on my birthday. Even now after having moved away about 20 months ago, he still takes care of my kids on their birthdays and Christmas. They know him as "uncle". Trevor just adores him to pieces. Vicky was too little to ever know him but that doesn't stop him from spoiling her too.

When I went on maternity leave with the kids, he paid me a portion of my weekly pay each week even though it wasn't required by law since it was such a small company. He bent over backwards to make sure that the work I was doing when I was pregnant was safe and not too strenuous, etc. When I was in the hospital having Trevor, he went and got our prescriptions picked up for us and filled my fridge with groceries and meals. When I went in to have Victoria, he came over at 4:30am to stay with Trevor, who was still sleeping. When Trevor got up, he got him dressed and took him to his house for the day and his wife and daughter took Trevor out and did things with him. After I was in recovery, he brought Trevor up to see me in the hospital.

I guess, as I said I was spoiled with a boss who did everything he could to keep his employees happy. He knew he had an awesome group of employees and didn't take that for granted, and we knew we had an awesome boss, which made it so easy to put in 110% every day.

He's even said if we move back down there, which I am hoping we will be able to do in the next year or so, that he will hire me back on. How awesome is that?!

I wish there were more bosses like that out there...bosses who value their employees....bosses who aren't afraid of doing the hard work along with their employees...bosses who treat their employees like family.

As I sit here on Thanksgiving eve, I am so thankful that for those years I was able to work for my friend. It was truly a gift!!! I just wish others could experience what I have...I wish that on the holidays, that people were able to be at home with their families like I was afforded when I had my job...I wish that there were more bosses like my friend....

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