Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference

Last night we got to attend our very first parent-teacher conference of our lives as parents. It's weird, as we were driving to the school, we were talking about how we couldn't believe what we were doing and that we had a child old enough to be doing this. Sometimes I act so silly right along with the kids, that I find it hard to believe that I have an almost 6 yr old.

Trevor's teacher is so sweet - I just love her to pieces! And she loves Trevor too!! Trev is doing awesome in school. He's her right hand man - helping her out whenever he can. She said he is so very smart - there are no areas that he needs to work on - he's right where he should be or ahead of the game. She said he is very well behaved and just a joy to have in class. 

It does my heart good to hear this...ever since we started having behavior issues with Trev, I used to wonder how he would be in school. I was worried that the issues at home would carry over to school and that I'd be getting calls home on a weekly basis. Granted it's only kindergarten, but to hear that he is so well behaved and so smart...talk about a relief! I hope that as his schooling continues over the years, that he'll continue to be such a good student and well behaved.

I've had numerous professionals tell us how children with Aspergers save their worst behaviors for at home, because that is their safety zone so to speak. And I am glad to know that despite our issues here at home - the meltdowns - the rage - that all that isn't part of who he is at school - that those things so far aren't affecting his schooling.

In the end, Karl and I walked out of that school last night with smiles on our faces and pride in our hearts for Trevor and the amazing student he is.

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