Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This bites!

In just 3 short weeks, Victoria will be 2 years old. I ask myself quite often, where has the time gone?

Around 6 months of age, Vic took to biting me when nursing. I tried to stop it best as I could, but that didn't work too well. I thought when we stopped nursing at 16 months, that it would come to an end. Boys, was I ever wrong!!

She has continued to bite - mostly me! Oh she'll go after Trevor if he pisses her off enough, but 99% of the time, I am on the receiving end of her sharp baby teeth. I can't believe how sharp those lil guys are - going to have to give her a bone to wear those things down! LOL!!

She bites me for fun....for anger....for not getting her way....for play....basically there is no rhyme or reason to her chomping away at my tender skin!

Yesterday she bite me on the breast...broke skin...left a nasty mark .....that time was purely fun. Last night she bite me out of anger and I could barely get her to release, and now I have a nasty mark on my arm. Today she bite me on the hand resulting in another nasty mark. I bruise easily, so these marks look horrible after a day or so.

I am at a total loss...I've tried pretty much everything including things I swore I'd never do....black pepper, hot sauce, red pepper, vinegar, lemon, time outs, a quick pop on the mouth, biting back and lastly soap....and nothing deters her. I need this to stop and now....I am afraid that she might take her biting to the next level and bite another child or adult and then won't I feel like an ass?!

Short of getting a muzzle...just kidding...or maybe...no, no, really I am just kidding....I am just out of ideas.

Seems to be by 2 yrs old, this should be coming to a stop. She will not apologize for her behavior, but she does know she's done wrong. Sometimes she'll put her head down and look away...other times, she laughs hysterically ....oh vey....

Maybe I should try to get her a role in the next Twilight movie?

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  1. honestly with Chloe (who was still biting at that age) we simply had to wait it out. It was horrible. She used to bite the boy across the street whom I was babysitting at the time at least once a day :( Was horrible.

    I too tried everything. She just eventually outgrew it but man it sucked waiting for her to stop.