Friday, November 27, 2009

Victoria's 2 yr Check Up

I took Victoria for her two year check-up today! Her current stats are:

33 inches
18.5 head circum.

She's about in the 25% for her height/weight. Her head hasn't grown any since her last check up in July.

All in all, she is doing quite well. The doctor was impressed with all the talking she is doing now - it's as if overnight her whole vocabulary just exploded. I am sure some of that has to do with listening to her big brother. She can count up to 10 in English and Spanish with help and she can do the alphabet with help. She is undressing/dressing herself with minimal help.

We discussed the biting that she is doing, and the doctor recommended setting up the pack-n-play to use as her time out place. Guess I will put that up tomorrow and give it a try - if it works, it will be well worth having that take up space in my small living room.

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