Monday, December 28, 2009

The Christmas of 2009

Another Christmas has come and gone in the Casey household - thank goodness! I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy that all the hoopla is done and over! As exciting as Christmas is, I am glad to have my house back to normal and to be resuming a much more normal pace of life.

Two days before Christmas I started my holiday baking - I made 3 different kinds of cookies, Oreo balls, buckeyes, some caramel candy, and peppermint bark...oh and a graham cracker pie. Once again, I made too much - the cookies have all but been ignored. Next year I think I'll skip the cookies and stick to the yummy confections and the pie.

Christmas Eve we ventured out to Karl's mom and spent the afternoon and early evening celebrating Christmas with her. The kids were able to open their gifts from Grammy Casey and enjoy some candy and act plain silly! Trevor got his new Spongebob bedding and Victoria got her Tinkerbell bedding. They were two very excited and happy children!

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve at Grammy's house:

Christmas Day the kids woke up around 6:30am and we came downstairs and immediately began the task of opening all the gifts. The kids were wide eyed with grins plastered all over their little faces when they came down the stairs and saw all the gifts. We don't put any gifts under the tree until they go to bed Christmas Eve, so as you can imagine it was quite the shock to see so much had magically appeared, as well as learning that Santa had paid a visit just as promised.

This is the tree before they tore into it Christmas morning...


It took the kids about an hour and half to open everything. Vicky did well at first but quickly tired of opening the gifts and started requesting my help. Had I known that I'd be opening half her gifts or more myself, I would never have wrapped them! LOL!!

Unfortunately, Karl and I got into an argument at breakfast time Christmas morning, which put a damper on my day. It was nothing serious or major - just over what time to have Christmas supper - but my emotions have been on high lately with the kids fighting over everything and missing my dad, that I just took it to heart and totally flipped out. I spent most of the day sad to say in a pissy mood and it brought me right down.

And as I mentioned a moment ago, this was our first Christmas without my dad and that played a huge part in my emotions this past week - I'd have given anything to have had him here one more time - to have him see the kids faces light up as they opened their gifts - to have enjoyed a meal with him - to have him tell his funny stories about Christmas' past. Unfortunately all I have left now are their memories that I hold close to my heart. I just hope and pray he was looking down on us and smiling with delight as he watched the kids and their silly antics!

Christmas evening we went over to my sisters to visit her, her daughter and my mom for a bit. The kids got more gifts to open from Nana and some more candy and goodies. Vicky got her first bottle of perfume - Love's Baby Soft - I remember that being my very first perfume too! Never thought I'd have a little girl wearing it too someday! She also got her first lip gloss, which she quickly plastered all over her lips and anyone else's lips who was willing to let her do it! LOL!!

More pics from Christmas - sadly I barely took any this year! 


And that my friends was our Christmas!

Now we look ahead to the New Year and hope for good things to grace us in 2010!!!

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