Sunday, December 20, 2009

Victoria's First ER Visit!

It was bound to happen sooner or later, right?

I was washing dishes yesterday morning while the kids played in the living room...though it sounded more like WWF then playing....sigh.....but alas, back to the story at hand. So there I am washing dishes and Vicky starts crying, so I drop everything to go find out what is wrong. I go into the living room and see her nose is dripping, and she's crying about her nose. I figure it was just a runny nose like I had woken up with yesterday morning. Truth be told, I thought she was just being overly dramatic about what was "just" a runny nose. She came running over to me, still crying about her nose that hurts. So I look into it, and sure enough I can see something up one nostril. Can we say panic? I must admit that I don't do emergencies very well...definitely not when it comes to the kids. I tried to get her to blow her go...she just kept sniffing it up further. I tried to see if I could grab it but with my hands that wasn't going to happen. I called my sister Gail who was just up the street thankfully, and she said she'd be right over. At this time I know we are now going to be going to the hospital....more panic!

Gail arrived as I was getting Victoria dressed, meanwhile she's still crying. Then Trevor goes into panic mode - asking if Victoria is going to die. ACK!!! I left Gail to finish getting Victoria ready while I run upstairs to dress....yes, the one day I decide to lounge around and haven't showered or anything....I was a real sight for sore hair done...I threw on sweats ...said to hell with the bra! LOL!!  I call Karl real quick at work to tell him that we are headed to the ER.

I run back downstairs and start getting the kids jackets on  when Karl arrives. I am extremely thankful that he works just a few minutes down the road. So Gail leaves and takes Trevor with her so that we can take Vicky alone.

We went to the walk-in clinic first - but they couldn't get it out. By that point, it had gone up even further and with all her squirming and what not, they didn't feel comfortable trying to get it out, etc. So they sent us off to the ER.

We had to wait a bit in the waiting room and again in the exam room but finally a doctor came in. She looks up Vicky's nose, checks her vitals, tells us a story about her son years ago stuffing tissue into his ears....and while it's nice to know it's not just your kid that puts foreign objects in the nose and ears, etc, at the same time I just want to get this thing out of Vicky's nose.

The doctor explains that the first thing they do is block the clear nostril and make a seal around the mouth and blow into the mouth to try to get it to basically fly out the nostril. So while Vicky is on my lap the doctor covers the clear nostril and I put my mouth over hers and blow into her mouth ...we do this a few times and it loosens it a bit but not enough. So off she goes to get another doctor...

She returns along with another doctor who also now checks Vicky out and then they disappear again to get some tools....they come back and now they need a nurse who will swaddle there I am laying back on the gurney with Vicky on top of me swaddled, with the nurse holding her arms and legs just to be sure she can't break the swaddle, a doctor on each side of me, and me holding her head as steady as I physically could. Finally it was out! A little piece of plastic that was angled on one end which was getting hung up in there. We figured it was off some toy....Karl stuck it in his pocket so we could investigate when we got home. Her nose bleed a little bit, which strangely enough fascinated her! LOL!! After 10 minutes or so, she was back to her normal silly self!

I am so thankful that it didn't require anything more than that....that was traumatic enough for me! I was afraid they'd have to put her out to get it out and I don't know if I could have handled seeing that.

So that was our first ER visit with Victoria...hopefully that will be our only one for many years!!! A mommy can hope can't she?

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