Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adventures in Stress....

This is a little story that I like to call, "Adventures in Stress"......

We've been having a really rough time lately with Trevor and last night was no exception. He got extremely angry when sent to his room and proceeded to punch a hole in his bedroom door. I've been under so much stress with all that has been going on lately, that I really don't need anything you can imagine how discovering the hole made me feel.

A little while later last night I started having chest pains and pressure/heaviness in my chest. I tried to lay down but it wouldn't go away...I tried to use the computer but I couldn't concentrate....after about 2 hours of this Karl insisted I either call my sister to see if she'd drive me to the ER or he was going to call 911. I didn't want him doing that because I was afraid all the commotion would wake the kids and I ddin't want them to see their mother being taken away in an I reluctantly called Gail and asked her to take me. Honestly I thought it was nothing and was just going to waste my time.

We got to the ER and apparently when you say you have chest pains/pressure, you get to bypass all the boring paperwork and so forth, and you are immediately ushered into a room, told to strip down and have about 5 people all attending to you at once. I had one nurse asking questions...another hooking me up to the EKG machine, another hooking me to a machine to monitor my bp/hr...and another taking my temperature. That's the most attention I've had on me personally in a long time...probably since I was in labor with Victoria just over 2 yrs ago.

I was given Protonics and baby Aspirin and then someone came and took blood....the Dr. came in and we talked and she listened to my chest and back and said she could barely hear my breathing and wanted to know if I had been sick or had asthma...after I assured her I had not been sick and never had asthma, she sent me off for a chest x-ray. The EKG and chest x ray came back fine, which was a huge relief for me. She had me do a breathing treatment which did help as far as her being able to hear my breathing better.

After several hours of being there, it was determined that this was from stress/anxiety - which as I said I've been under a lot lately. She gave me Ativan to calm me down and a RX to get some more till I can get in to see my doctor.

I am just grateful that I am home and didn't require an overnight stay - all /I could think about is what the house would be like if I was gone overnight and not there to keep things under control.

The doctor told me to rest and obviously try to reduce the stress....

It's now been almost 24 hours since the pains started and honestly I still have them...apparently reducing the stress is going to take some time.

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