Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meat & Potatoes

I was torn between titling this "Meat & Potatoes" or "Dry Potatoes"....but went with the first one that had come to mind! By now I am sure you are wondering what the heck this is all about and where I am going with, this isn't about recipes or anything like that...this is a little trip down memory lane for me....

I made a roast chicken dinner tonight and after the potatoes had boiled, I drained them, and that is when I noticed that they were very dry looking - you know how they get around the edges and all crumbly - and immediately I thought of one dad.

My dad was a meat and potatoes kind of guy - don't give him no fancy veggie dishes - don't offer him potatoes all dressed up with garlic and butter - don't give him a big ole' rib-eye steak either....he just wanted his London broil steak, his dry potatoes and a veggies - peas perhaps...maybe corn.....

Dad wasn't one for Chinese food....I can hear him joke about it ....he wasn't one for things like lasagna either....I still can remember when he finally tried taco's....I nearly had a heart attack! LOL!!

But really at the end of the day, when it all came down to it, dad was most happy with his meat and (dry) potatoes.

I can remember mom making a big pot of potatoes and taking some out to set aside for dad before mashing them and adding garlic, butter, cream cheese and milk for the rest of would act like it was so much work to set those few pieces of potato aside for him, but I know she'd give anything to have him here now telling her he wants dry potatoes!

Dad would always sit at the end of the table and he'd eat his dinner and he'd be done while the rest of us were still eating and there he was, the smallest in the family and he'd be pushing seconds and thirds on the rest of didn't need it and it was obvious looking at us that not one of us needed a second helping of anything, but it's just what dad did, lol. We used to tease him that he was the one who needed extra helpings, not us! LOL!

Oh how I miss those suppers with dad...sitting around the table listening to him tell funny stories and crack jokes...every once in a while giving mom a hard time about something....he'd wink at me and tease her and we'd all laugh....he'd tell the kids to eat up.....offering to give them seconds....yes, he continued on his tradition of food pushing with the grandkids too! LOL!!

I can see him coming around the corner from the living room into the kitchen...stopping to pat Victoria's head as she sat in the booster seat...he'd make some funny noises to get her to laugh...and then he'd make his way, oxygen tank in hand, to his place at the table.

Towards the end he had a harder time ....getting around left him extremely winded....I'll never forget the time he tried twice to get up from the chair at the table and he couldn't and I jumped up to help him - never imagining that the roles would be reversed and I'd be the one coming to dads rescue and helping his frail body stand.

Isn't it amazing at how something like some potatoes can bring back a whole flood of memories?

Dad if you are watching down on us, I want you to know that I love you and miss you to the moon and will always be my biggest hero!!! xoxo

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