Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week in Review

I haven't really blogged all week - giving myself some time away from the blog to reflect on the the happenings over the past week and also to make sure that I didn't say anything out of anger about anyone. There was an incident that took place earlier in the week on another website and it spilled over into FB and thanks to that FB glitch I was able to see people who I thought were friends talking about me. I've since returned to FB but I am very much guarded right now and cleared off a lot of "friends" off my list. Some of them I just didn't want to have if they weren't going to be supportive of me and others I just didn't know where they stood after the incident so I removed them and time will tell.

Anyways, on to Trevor - the star of the show so to speak! :-) He's done pretty well this week over all - yes he's had his moments, don't get me wrong. He's run off and Karl's had to come home to find him and that type of stuff, but he's had his support worker here every day this week and I think that has been a help. And strange as this may sound, but he had one of his famous meltdowns with her on Friday and I was thrilled. Yeah, I said it was strange sounding. But here is the reason I was thrilled - finally someone outside of my husband or myself, was seeing Trevor during a meltdown. And not only one meltdown but a second one outside as well. My big concern was that they are coming here to work with him and never see him in action so to speak, so for him to have the meltdown was really a good thing.

On Monday I had a meeting with one of Trevor's other support services - the one called 65M - they will work with the whole family. This was a basic meeting to go over paperwork and sign my name to a bazillion pieces of paper, so it seemed! LOL!! The woman I met with was really nice - she will actually be more of my support person and then there is a gentleman who will be working with Trevor. I am hoping this will get started asap.

I called Trev's case manager to see if she could facilitate a meeting between herself, us and all of Trevor's support people. So I have that planned for this coming Thursday. It's just a meeting to kind of go over everything that is going on with support services and Trevor.

Oh and I am signed up to take a class on starting a support group - that's in a couple weeks - it's a light lunch and class type of thing. Hopefully this will arm me with what I need to start a support group of my own.

Forgive me tonight - my mind is all over the place here ....guess that is what you get when you try to blog and watch Food Network at the same time! LOL!!


Book Review

I bought myself the book, "The Asperger Parent - How to raise a Child with Asperger Syndrome and Maintain Your Sense of Humor" by Jeffrey Cohen. I have only read about 50 pages so far, but this book is not only funny but spot on. The book isn't about your Aspie child, but you as a parent. It's nice because like I said everything he's saying is spot on and I can relate to. And while some don't think it's necessary, it's nice to me to see my feelings/thoughts being validated by someone else who is in the same position. I am looking forward to finishing the book and seeing what else he has to say.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On second thought...

I am going to leave the blog up but password protect it if you are a current reader and would continue to have access to it, let me know - erinc@ainop - and I'll add you and give you the password!!!



Taking this blog down!

I've decided that I will take this blog down - if anyone wants to keep in touch, you can reach me @



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interesting Facebook Glitch....

I deactivated Facebook at the end of last week but it's still there. I can see *EVERYTHING* (including things said about me - that's been interesting). It won't let me comment, all my "friends" are gone as in it gives me the option to add them back as friend, but I can still see their walls and I can see my home page with all the status updates.I can't get my profile to open - that gives me an error. Oh but I can access my inbox.  I wonder if Facebook is aware of this little glitch??? The only reason I even knew is because on this computer, I had it set up as my homepage, so when I logged in and went to internet explorer, it immediately opened Facebook up. I've deleted cookies, signed out, etc and it's still there. I really wish I hadn't found this as I much preferred to be blissfully ignorant about my "friends".


Monday, February 22, 2010

Heavy-hearted tonight....

Several days ago I came across a blog about a little girl who is dying. Today I was reminded about the blog again and I've spent the day (in between everything else) reading the blog and crying my eyes out.

I think this has hit particularly hard because this little girl turned 2 within days of Victoria turning 2. They are the same age! When I think of the idea of my own precious little girl being sick - her body filled with cancer - and the end in sight - I can't help but to bawl my eyes out.

I do not know this family.....they are across the country....I will never know them personally....but seeing pictures of their little princess and reading her story has left such an impression on my mind. I've sat by the computer all evening refreshing her blog and Tweeter page to see what is going on.

I can not begin to wrap my mind around what this family is going through. I know as a stranger I feel like my heart has been ripped apart, so I can only imagine the pain this family is suffering.

I'll be honest, it's times like this where the idea of religion really makes me shake my head....why this precious little girl? Why punish her with something so horrible? Why punish her parents with only giving her to them for such a short time? Why punish her sisters who will struggle for years to come with loosing their baby sister? I just can't understand it. Why must children suffer?

My heart stomach aches....the tears are flowing down my thoughts are with this family at this time....I wish I could just close my eyes and take away this poor babies cancer and make her whole again.
If you would like to read her story, you can do so here - Layla Grace - but be warned you will need tissues and your heart will ache....

I look forward to Vicky waking up tonight to come into our bed - suddenly I can't cuddle her enough!!!


I need a secretary ....anyone want to apply?

I am beginning to think I either need a secretary or personal assistant...anyone want to apply? Can't afford to pay much - could pay in baked goods/dinners/sweets/hats, etc! LOL!!

The cat had to be at the Vets by 8:00am this morning to get her fixed and declawed today. Then at 9:30am this morning I have a woman coming to meet with us (probably for an hour or more) to get started on some other services for Trevor. At 11:30am I have another worker coming to work with Trevor - this usually lasts 3-4 hours (or is supposed to anyways). Then at 1:00pm I have a meeting with his case manager. In between all of this I had to get the kids up, fed, dressed and one out the door for school...not to mention getting myself showered and ready. And of course, tidy up the house a bit and start some laundry. I don't foresee me getting to sick and relax ...really relax....till probably 3:00pm or so, but by then the kids will be so wound up, there will be no relaxing to be had.

In the midst of all this this morning I've had 4 phone calls to attend to and I have to make a few as well.

I feel like I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I don't know if I am coming or going and which was is up! LOL! I am already looking forward to *my* bedtime! LOL!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our day today....

I wanted to update about today - all in all it was a pretty fabulous day!

Let me start at the beginning....see Trevor has always gotten up early...and he'd bang and pound on his door to wake us begging for food. The doctors believed that eating was a comfort type of thing for him and that it was part of his anxiety. We have tried and tried to get him to understand that we will not be getting up at 3am, 4am, or 5am to fix him a meal. If you wake us at 6am, then we'll get up and have breakfast, but not before that. And banging and screaming at the top of your lungs is not acceptable.

This was one of the things we mentioned to them at the crisis unit. Apparently Trevor slept just fine there, didn't get up till 7am-ish and would shower and then eat breakfast. We were giddy with excitement over the idea that that would spill over to here at home. That first week back it did not!!! Sad to say he was up early and screaming and carrying on. But since his return this time, he's been better in the mornings - playing quietly and entertaining himself till he hears us stirring and then asking nicely if he can get up! This morning it was after 7am when both kids woke up. Cue the angels singing! LOL!! He got up in a good mood and it really kept up for 98% of the day.

He went to church with my family this morning - he was quite happy to be wearing his new black dress pants and a new blue dress shirt he had gotten for his birthday (reminds me I need to get him a tie or two). He came into the kitchen after getting dressed and asked us if he looked fabulous! LOL! He came home from church and was in a good mood which is a huge improvement. Every Sunday had been hell for us - he'd come home and meltdown over all the crap that had gone on in church with another little boy teasing him and picking on him. I don't know if this little boy wasn't there today or what, but he was in a good mood when he got in. I had his lunch and medication ready and waiting for him, which he ate and then changed.

While getting ready for all of us to go out, he asked if he could go play with the neighbor boy and I told him that there were some rules to follow. He has to see if D is home and can play and it has to be on our front porch only - he must be visible at all times - no going into D's house or going around back. So he said ok and left ....he came back a few minutes later and said that D wasn't home and he was visibly upset. We asked hin how he was feeling and he said mad...mad cause D wasn't home and he wanted to play with him. I sat down and explained to him that he was probably feeling something more along the lines of disappointment and explained what disappointment is and the difference between being disappointed and being mad. And then we praised him for doing the right thing which was coming back inside and also talking about how he was feeling and coping with it. This was huge for Trevor today. It could have very easily gone the other direction.

We all went out for a drive and hit the grocery store - Trevor went in with me since Vicky had fallen asleep in the car so Karl stayed with her. He did great in the store - they have mini shopping carts for kids, so I let him use one of those while we picked up a few things.

We came home and I started to get things together for taco's tonight and he helped out - genuinely helped - did what I needed him to do - worked alongside me and following directions. Another huge moment for Trevor.

At dinner we really praised him for the way he behaved today and the way he handled different situations. We explained how we don't expect perfection from him, as we definitely aren't perfect either, but we can see he is trying and is learning and doing the best he can - today was a great example of that. So he finished his supper and asked to watch tv while we finished up and we said ok. And with that he came in the kitchen and said he was going to bed - mind you it was only 5:40pm. LOL! In the end he was up longer and did have a brief meltdown right before he went to sleep, but in the grand scheme of things, today was a great day.

So that is our day....just taking it one day at a time.....always hoping for the best!!!


Here it is!!!

Here it is black - actually looks blacker in person!  I used that new Nice N' Easy Perfect 10 - # Black

This was the before - taken a month ago today prior to my haircut and obviously in dire need of hair color! LOL! Look at the grays...ugh!
And this was back on Christmas Eve -you can see it was a bit red - was in need of dying then.
So what do you think? Black a good idea or back to red?


I did it!!!

I did it!!!

I colored my hair black!!! I must admit that I am loving it!!!

I had Karl take some pictures so I'll post later after we get done running some errands!!!


A Birthday Giveaway!!!! Woot!

My birthday is a week from tomorrow - March 1st. In celebration of my birthday, I've decided to have a little giveaway! And I'll choose the winner on ...wait for it....March 1st! Woot!!! Woohoo!!!

So here is what I am giving away:

One of my very own creations....
No, not the doll! LOL!! 
The super soft and much adorable hat!!
This will fit a newborn/infant baby boy. 
Very soft and does stretch. 
Hand wash - cold water - lay flat to dry. 

Maybe you have a new little boy or are expecting one yourself or maybe you just know someone who is having a baby boy, whatever the case may be, come on and enter!!! 

So the details:

1. Leave a comment here and you automatically get one entry. 


2. For extra entries:
A. Reblog about this giveaway on  your blog and leave a comment here so I can check it out. 
(or link to my blog)
B. Post about this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment (and a link to it if possible) to let me know.
C. Become a follower if you aren't already - leave a comment so I know.

So you have the potential to have 4 entries into the contest! Woot! Remember to leave your email address in at least one of the comments, so I have a way to get in contact with you when you win! No restrictions - anyone can entry - and I will ship outside the USA! 

Good luck and have fun!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Remember earlier in the week I posted the pictures of Victoria in her new navy blue/yellow outfit from Crazy 8? And remember how I said I bought most of the collection? Well, I knew I needed a special bow for her hair for when she is wearing these oufits. Where does one go when they need the bow and don't want to make it themselves? ETSY!!!

I started doing a little search and stumbled upon a seller who made these fabulous little wool felt flower clips. So I immediatley convo'd her to ask her if she could make a custom one and even sent her a link to the outifts, so she could see exactly what I needed for colors. She answered me back in no time at all and said she could and the deal was done!

The clip came in no time and she even included an additional (different) clip too! They are precious! She is a fabulous seller and I highly recommend her if you have a little girl or know a little girl who needs that speical something for her hair! I really love supporting handmade crafters!!!

You can check out Ladybug Bowtique on Etsy and see all the nifty things she has for sale. This is the type of clip she made for me in the navy blue and yellow! The quality is excellent...the price is very reasonable...and the shipping is fast!!! You can't go wrong!


Trevor is home!

I know I've been blogging about other things and some may be wondering why I haven't mentioned Trevor coming home and the simple truth is, it's been a rough go already and I just didn't have it in me to blog about something so serious yet.

We picked Trevor up at 10:00am yesterday morning and he was happy and excited to be going home. Before we left the center, they reminded him of the rules that he needed to continue following at home. He smiled and repeated them and promised he'd follow them. And we walked out of there with smiles on our faces.

On the ride home, I gave him more cards that had arrived from friends (this would be a good time to thank Amanda L, Mindi, Danielle H, Sharon, Leigh and Rachel for the cards and or gifts. He was thrilled that so many people thought of him for his birthday this year!) We went to Walmart and ran some errands and he used his Walmart gift card to get himself a school bus he wanted. He's been obsessed with school buses ever since starting kindergarten this year. I admit the one he got is a bit young for his age, but it's what he wanted and it made him happy, and really, isn't that what it's all about? After Walmart, we took the kids and went out to a restaurant for lunch. Trevor was not thrilled with the idea at all, but after a lil coaxing and explaining, he realized he had no choice and this is what the family was doing. (Might I mention I had some yummy fried scallops?!) After lunch, we went to another store and picked up a few things. And then we went home.

We had been home a couple hours at best, when Trevor came downstairs from playing with his new bus, and asked to go out to the neighbors house two doors down to see if his little "friend" could come out and play. I wasn't keen on the idea seeing as how he just got home after being gone a week and really I just wanted family time, so I passed the buck onto daddy and told him to ask daddy. Truth be told, being the bad guy gets old after a while. Daddy told Trevor no and Trevor was not happy to say the least. We reminded Trevor about the rules and what he is to do when he gets angry, but he was not interested in doing any of that. While my back was turned tending to Vicky and Karl was upstairs, Trevor took off out the back door and around the building. Karl ran downstairs to stay with Vicky while I ran out after Trevor. He was around front now at the neighbors door. He tried to push his way into their house - talk about embarrassing. He threw himself around on the ground. He screamed. He cursed. He bit me. He scratched my arm up and down to the point that some of the scratches were bleeding. I had to lift his 74lbs of dead weight and bring him back into our house. (Probably why I have such a backache today.) He got in here and proceeded to attempt to throw the desk chair around, act like he was going to thrash the new keyboard, call 911 (I managed to get the phone away before he did.) Again, we reminded him of what he needs to do to cope and calm down, but he just continued to throw his fit.

I called the crisis center to ask what are we supposed to be doing in this situation and they said time-outs. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a 74lb child in a time out? They said to put him in his room. That would require carrying him up the stairs to his room, as he's not going to willingly go to a time-out when he's in the midst of one of his fits. Then he throws himself in front of the door and so it's a battle to get him moved enough to close the door. Then when the door is closed, he throws shoes at it, pounds on it, kicks it, yells, screams, curses, etc. I explained to them that we rent and I can't afford to buy new doors, etc, but they said we really must do what we can to ignore him during this time. I won't lie, ignoring him damaging property that is not ours is extremely hard to do. Sigh! It was a long afternoon to say the least.

I went to bed last night feeling rather defeated. I try and I try and I try and yet I can't seem to get through to him. I get accused of being too soft...I get accused of being too hard on can I be both?

Today I had my mom (who I am still incredibly angry with but that is a whole other blog post) watch Victoria while I took Trevor out for the day for some one on one time. Karl was busy at home putting together some furniture we got for our bedroom and rearranging stuff, so I figured if we were all out of his hair, it would be easier on him.

Trev and I went to the mall and he was able to get himself something from the dollar store with some money he had. He's thrilled with dollar store shopping - doesn't take much to please him in that sense. Of course, once he was done buying what he wanted, he wanted to go home. But I had other plans that included walking every inch of our "huge" (NOT) mall. (I'll have to blog about my deals in another post) He got himself lunch...and I got myself something...had I known he still had so much money leftover, I would have made him treat me! LOL!! We went grocery shopping after the mall. All in all, it went well and we had a pretty good time. No major meltdowns or anything like that. But see, he's always fairly good in public and just one on one. Unfortunately life isn't always one on one...sigh....

He had a bit of a meltdown this evening after supper when he was told he couldn't vacuum nor could he stay up. I admit the one thing I am a major stickler on is bedtime. I very rarely stray from the kids set bedtime. I know others think I am crazy because my kids go to bed early but I know my kids and the times they get up and if I don't get them into bed when I do, they are worse off. Luckily it didn't last too long and he was asleep.

My fingers are crossed for a good day tomorrow....


Kiss My Face!

I have been eyeballing the "Kiss My Face" line of products for at least 3-4 years. I admit, I've never been one for going out of my way to buy "all natural" products, but I was intrigued. I am the girl, who for a long time bought Suave or VO5 shampoo for .97 cents at Wal-Mart. The very idea of spending $6.00 on shampoo seemed like a travesty to me. But two weeks ago I finally took the plunge.

I purchased the Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap and the Olive & Aloe Natural Moisturizer and figured I'd give it a try. The very first time I used the soap my face felt so incredibly soft and clean. And then to slather on some of the moisturizer, well it was like a drink of water for my face. I was instantly impressed! And instantly hooked!

Last week I decided to try the Fragrance Free Moisture Shave.

Actually, I take that back, I bought it but convinced Karl to try it first. Now, let me tell you that Karl is about as far away from "all natural" or organic" products as you can get. He said something about it being kinda hooky and that he didn't buy into it. Oh but his tune changed after he tried it. I do believe he got out of the shower saying something to the effect of that being the best shave he's ever had. Score!!! I used it on my legs and armpits and wowsa - this stuff leaves you feeling so incredibly soft and hair free! Love it!

So today I said what the heck, and bought the Triple Action Toothpaste, Anti-Stress Bath/Shower Gel, and the Whenever Shampoo. I used the toothpaste tonight after supper and it had a good taste and left my mouth feeling really clean. I look forward to my shower in the morning where I can give the shower gel and shampoo a whirl!

I am definitely hooked on the Kiss My Face products. Yes, a bit more money than I am used to paying, but isn't my skin and hair and teeth worth it? I mean if it comes down to wondering how I'll buy the next bottle of shampoo, someone will be giving up soda in this house! LOL!!

And in case anyone is wondering, no I am not getting paid to talk about their products. (However, if they happen to read this and would like me to review some other products for free, I'd be more than happy to! LOL!)

If you get a chance to try it, I suggest you do. Your skin will thank you!


Ranch Chicken Packets

I tried a new recipe tonight, called, "Ranch Chicken Packets" - which can found here on the Tasty Kitchen blog. The only things I personally did differently was to cook my chicken breasts ahead of time. I knew I'd be out for a good portion of the day, so I cooked them while we ate breakfast this morning. So this evening all I had to do was throw everything together and I was good to go. The other thing I did differently was to add some crumbled bacon to the mix. I made 5 large packets and put enough leftover mix in the freezer for at least 2-3 more, as I had a bit more chicken then the recipe called for. They were a hit with the whole family - from the oldest to the youngest - so a happy mom I am! And this recipe becomes a keeper for me!


Once you go black color color!!!

Karl has teased me for quite some time now (talking over the years), egging me on if you will, to dye my hair black. I've never given it much more than a passing and I do mean, passing, thought!

But I am in a, not a bad mood, a mood for change. And part of me is considering dying my hair black. Ok, so I am more than considering it as I bought the kit today. But now I don't know if I will have the guts to go through with it. Truth be told I really wish I had the balls to go black and then get some fuchsia "highlights" in it.

Maybe it's the fact I am about to turn 34...maybe in some strange way this is my subconscious trying to stay young?! I don't know - never really gave that much thought!

But I have this damned little person sitting on my shoulder telling me what I've heard all my life from my mother - "overweight women don't look good with long hair or colored hair" - and I'd be lying if I said that wasn't part of what is making me chicken. I keep thinking if I do this am I going to look like a fatty mcfatty with black hair? Ugh!

Decisions...decisions...what to do?


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick as a dog....

I am sick as a dog....ok, let me take that back...we are sick as a dog. Yep, you read that right, "we", as in all of us. Before Trevor left earlier this week, he was coming down with a cold. And then Victoria started coming down with it...and before you know it, Karl and I both have it. So it's a house of sickness! I've got the sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, stuffy nose and I feel like I've hit a brick wall. I don't remember the last night I actually slept somewhat peacefully. I've spent the past two days lounging around doing nothing - laying on the couch till noon or later, with Victoria hanging out either playing or watching tv with me...yesterday I even managed to get her to nap with me. I sure hope we are all feeling better soon....



Tomorrow morning we get to go pick up Trevor and bring him home. We haven't had as much contact with him this time around simply because they felt it would be best if we didn't and we agreed. Maybe our going to visit him every day and calling him every day made things too cozy and comfortable for him. So, we've only been up to see him once, actually it was I who saw him and only stayed for about 10 minutes. I had to drop off one of his medications and took a few minutes to visit with him. Other than that we haven't been up or called him.

I am hoping and praying this second time around has made some difference - it doesn't have to be major and I don't expect miracles to have happened over night, but just some small change would be welcome at this point. I guess right now I am being cautiously optimistic.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Victoria and the new outfit!

I have to share these pictures of Victoria showing off hew new outfit from Crazy 8. (The shoes are from See Kai Run)

I must admit, I bought several pieces in the collection - I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and just had to get most of it!





A couple weeks ago a friend shared a recipe for homemade bagels with me. I absolutely love bagels and decided that I wanted to try making them as well. Let me tell you they are absolutely fabulous and I will never buy a bagel again! They take a bit of time but they are totally worth it! You won't be disappointed if you try it too!

Recipe can be found here.

After they had boiled and I had dipped them in the toppings. 

Fresh from the oven! Yum!!! 


Check out this amazing hat!

I have a dear friend Mary, who creates these most adorable *totally* original hats! And while I've been learning to do this stuff myself, I am not in Mary's class of talent by any means. I am in awe!!!So I asked her if she could make me a hat for Victoria - pink with a skull. If you know me, you know that I love taking pictures of the kids, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity for an impromptu photo session!


Seriously, you need to run, don't walk, right on over to her website and order yourself one of her fabulous hats!!!  She also was so kind to make one for Trevor - but I won't be showing that one off till he is home and I can take pictures of him in it! Let's put it this way - he's going to flip out when he sees it! :-) 

So remember, head on over to MaryOriginals and order a hat or two or three today!

Thanks again Mary for such a wonderful creation! We love it!


Taking a break .....

Yesterday afternoon we were left with no choice but to take Trevor back to the Childrens Crisis Unit. Unfortunately, since he came home, nothing had gotten better - things were the same if not worse! It was a hard decision to make once again but this time, our hearts were somewhat at ease, since we already knew the staff and where he'd be, etc. As it stands now, he'll be there till Friday - time will tell if that changes or not.

I've decided in light of this happening, that I need to take a break from Facebook and another website I frequented with some regularity. I don't have it in me right now to be all happy and positive 24/7 and I have too much going on to give my time to something like Facebook. I deactivated my account so that if I ever decide I want to go back, I can but right now I don't honestly know if that will ever happen. With everything going on with Trevor, I can't be the kind of friend that others are looking for. My world revolves around getting Trevor the help he needs. And I struggle with that I am not a saint by any means. I don't even know how to cope most days myself. This is the hardest thing I've ever done - I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants - there is no manual that explains how to keep a piece of yourself in tact while you give your all to your special needs child. There is no guide book to tell you how to spread yourself over the different areas of your life so that no one or nothing is neglected. I have no idea what will become of the friends I made on FB and BZ - only time will tell.....


Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome Home Trevor!!!

Welcome home Trevor!!! 

I can't begin to tell you how incredibly awesome it is to say and write those words! It's been a long week without him here and to be able to say he is home with us is such a wonderful feeling! 

We picked him up today and let me tell you, he was ready and waiting for us! LOL!! His bags were packed and waiting by the door - his feet were dressed and he was just itching to get home! *Smile*

He requested a special dinner - steak, loaded baked potatoes, corn, rolls and chocolate ice cream for dessert. He had also asked for peas, but decided last moment that corn would be good enough! :-) In the end, he was tired and didn't even get to have his ice cream! 

And here is his "welcome home" supper" 
Ribeye steak getting ready to be cooked in the NuWave Air Oven
  Sauteed mushrooms requested by daddy!
Baked potato hot from the oven!

The finished product: Loaded Baked Potato, Ribeye Steak, Roll, Corn, Sauteed Mushrooms!

While he was gone we decided that we would get his room decorated to surprise him! We moved into this apartment at the end of September and hadn't done much with the kids rooms up to this point. Trevor got the Spongebob bedding and curtains for Christmas - so we got the wall clings and border, some rugs, etc. We still need to get him a headboard/footboard and new dresser. I did pick up a shelf but we haven't put it together yet, but then the books will come off the dresser and go on the shelf. Anyways, the following pictures are of his room and his reaction when he got home! It was wonderful! 

Oh's a sneaky little girl in his bed while he's not home! LOL! 

Ohhh there is that sneaky lil girl again! LOL! 

And here is Trevor seeing his room for the first time all decorated!

He was so funny to watch! 
We also got Victoria's room finished at the same time...well almost finished. I couldn't
find any place locally that sold the curtains we need to match her bedding, so I had to order those online. 
They should be here this week along with some other Tinkerbell clings. And we did order her Tinkerbell toddler bed wish us luck this week as we venture into the world of "big girl bed"! ACK!!!

I plan on getting one of those fancier curtains rods with the "crystal" ends on them to dress up the curtain a bit when they do come. I am hoping that soon I'll be able to take the rocking chair out and give her more room - but for now I have to sit in there with her as she goes to sleep. 
I wish we didn't have to rent so we could have a nicer place and the kids could have even nicer rooms...maybe someday...sigh....

As for Trevor, he had a few touch and go moments today, but was able to keep himself in check for the most part. I know it will take time and we are going to have some rough moments before it gets better. 

I am just glad he is home back where he belongs. With us. His family.