Monday, February 22, 2010

Heavy-hearted tonight....

Several days ago I came across a blog about a little girl who is dying. Today I was reminded about the blog again and I've spent the day (in between everything else) reading the blog and crying my eyes out.

I think this has hit particularly hard because this little girl turned 2 within days of Victoria turning 2. They are the same age! When I think of the idea of my own precious little girl being sick - her body filled with cancer - and the end in sight - I can't help but to bawl my eyes out.

I do not know this family.....they are across the country....I will never know them personally....but seeing pictures of their little princess and reading her story has left such an impression on my mind. I've sat by the computer all evening refreshing her blog and Tweeter page to see what is going on.

I can not begin to wrap my mind around what this family is going through. I know as a stranger I feel like my heart has been ripped apart, so I can only imagine the pain this family is suffering.

I'll be honest, it's times like this where the idea of religion really makes me shake my head....why this precious little girl? Why punish her with something so horrible? Why punish her parents with only giving her to them for such a short time? Why punish her sisters who will struggle for years to come with loosing their baby sister? I just can't understand it. Why must children suffer?

My heart stomach aches....the tears are flowing down my thoughts are with this family at this time....I wish I could just close my eyes and take away this poor babies cancer and make her whole again.
If you would like to read her story, you can do so here - Layla Grace - but be warned you will need tissues and your heart will ache....

I look forward to Vicky waking up tonight to come into our bed - suddenly I can't cuddle her enough!!!


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