Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interesting Facebook Glitch....

I deactivated Facebook at the end of last week but it's still there. I can see *EVERYTHING* (including things said about me - that's been interesting). It won't let me comment, all my "friends" are gone as in it gives me the option to add them back as friend, but I can still see their walls and I can see my home page with all the status updates.I can't get my profile to open - that gives me an error. Oh but I can access my inbox.  I wonder if Facebook is aware of this little glitch??? The only reason I even knew is because on this computer, I had it set up as my homepage, so when I logged in and went to internet explorer, it immediately opened Facebook up. I've deleted cookies, signed out, etc and it's still there. I really wish I hadn't found this as I much preferred to be blissfully ignorant about my "friends".


1 comment:

  1. That is horrible - I'm so sorry to hear about this - just know those are NOT your real friends.