Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our day today....

I wanted to update about today - all in all it was a pretty fabulous day!

Let me start at the beginning....see Trevor has always gotten up early...and he'd bang and pound on his door to wake us begging for food. The doctors believed that eating was a comfort type of thing for him and that it was part of his anxiety. We have tried and tried to get him to understand that we will not be getting up at 3am, 4am, or 5am to fix him a meal. If you wake us at 6am, then we'll get up and have breakfast, but not before that. And banging and screaming at the top of your lungs is not acceptable.

This was one of the things we mentioned to them at the crisis unit. Apparently Trevor slept just fine there, didn't get up till 7am-ish and would shower and then eat breakfast. We were giddy with excitement over the idea that that would spill over to here at home. That first week back it did not!!! Sad to say he was up early and screaming and carrying on. But since his return this time, he's been better in the mornings - playing quietly and entertaining himself till he hears us stirring and then asking nicely if he can get up! This morning it was after 7am when both kids woke up. Cue the angels singing! LOL!! He got up in a good mood and it really kept up for 98% of the day.

He went to church with my family this morning - he was quite happy to be wearing his new black dress pants and a new blue dress shirt he had gotten for his birthday (reminds me I need to get him a tie or two). He came into the kitchen after getting dressed and asked us if he looked fabulous! LOL! He came home from church and was in a good mood which is a huge improvement. Every Sunday had been hell for us - he'd come home and meltdown over all the crap that had gone on in church with another little boy teasing him and picking on him. I don't know if this little boy wasn't there today or what, but he was in a good mood when he got in. I had his lunch and medication ready and waiting for him, which he ate and then changed.

While getting ready for all of us to go out, he asked if he could go play with the neighbor boy and I told him that there were some rules to follow. He has to see if D is home and can play and it has to be on our front porch only - he must be visible at all times - no going into D's house or going around back. So he said ok and left ....he came back a few minutes later and said that D wasn't home and he was visibly upset. We asked hin how he was feeling and he said mad...mad cause D wasn't home and he wanted to play with him. I sat down and explained to him that he was probably feeling something more along the lines of disappointment and explained what disappointment is and the difference between being disappointed and being mad. And then we praised him for doing the right thing which was coming back inside and also talking about how he was feeling and coping with it. This was huge for Trevor today. It could have very easily gone the other direction.

We all went out for a drive and hit the grocery store - Trevor went in with me since Vicky had fallen asleep in the car so Karl stayed with her. He did great in the store - they have mini shopping carts for kids, so I let him use one of those while we picked up a few things.

We came home and I started to get things together for taco's tonight and he helped out - genuinely helped - did what I needed him to do - worked alongside me and following directions. Another huge moment for Trevor.

At dinner we really praised him for the way he behaved today and the way he handled different situations. We explained how we don't expect perfection from him, as we definitely aren't perfect either, but we can see he is trying and is learning and doing the best he can - today was a great example of that. So he finished his supper and asked to watch tv while we finished up and we said ok. And with that he came in the kitchen and said he was going to bed - mind you it was only 5:40pm. LOL! In the end he was up longer and did have a brief meltdown right before he went to sleep, but in the grand scheme of things, today was a great day.

So that is our day....just taking it one day at a time.....always hoping for the best!!!



  1. That sounds like a fabulous day! I have tears just from reading! YAY!!!!

  2. So glad to hear it was such a good day!! I know eventually this will be what every day is like for you. :)