Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week in Review

I haven't really blogged all week - giving myself some time away from the blog to reflect on the the happenings over the past week and also to make sure that I didn't say anything out of anger about anyone. There was an incident that took place earlier in the week on another website and it spilled over into FB and thanks to that FB glitch I was able to see people who I thought were friends talking about me. I've since returned to FB but I am very much guarded right now and cleared off a lot of "friends" off my list. Some of them I just didn't want to have if they weren't going to be supportive of me and others I just didn't know where they stood after the incident so I removed them and time will tell.

Anyways, on to Trevor - the star of the show so to speak! :-) He's done pretty well this week over all - yes he's had his moments, don't get me wrong. He's run off and Karl's had to come home to find him and that type of stuff, but he's had his support worker here every day this week and I think that has been a help. And strange as this may sound, but he had one of his famous meltdowns with her on Friday and I was thrilled. Yeah, I said it was strange sounding. But here is the reason I was thrilled - finally someone outside of my husband or myself, was seeing Trevor during a meltdown. And not only one meltdown but a second one outside as well. My big concern was that they are coming here to work with him and never see him in action so to speak, so for him to have the meltdown was really a good thing.

On Monday I had a meeting with one of Trevor's other support services - the one called 65M - they will work with the whole family. This was a basic meeting to go over paperwork and sign my name to a bazillion pieces of paper, so it seemed! LOL!! The woman I met with was really nice - she will actually be more of my support person and then there is a gentleman who will be working with Trevor. I am hoping this will get started asap.

I called Trev's case manager to see if she could facilitate a meeting between herself, us and all of Trevor's support people. So I have that planned for this coming Thursday. It's just a meeting to kind of go over everything that is going on with support services and Trevor.

Oh and I am signed up to take a class on starting a support group - that's in a couple weeks - it's a light lunch and class type of thing. Hopefully this will arm me with what I need to start a support group of my own.

Forgive me tonight - my mind is all over the place here ....guess that is what you get when you try to blog and watch Food Network at the same time! LOL!!


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