Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome Home Trevor!!!

Welcome home Trevor!!! 

I can't begin to tell you how incredibly awesome it is to say and write those words! It's been a long week without him here and to be able to say he is home with us is such a wonderful feeling! 

We picked him up today and let me tell you, he was ready and waiting for us! LOL!! His bags were packed and waiting by the door - his feet were dressed and he was just itching to get home! *Smile*

He requested a special dinner - steak, loaded baked potatoes, corn, rolls and chocolate ice cream for dessert. He had also asked for peas, but decided last moment that corn would be good enough! :-) In the end, he was tired and didn't even get to have his ice cream! 

And here is his "welcome home" supper" 
Ribeye steak getting ready to be cooked in the NuWave Air Oven
  Sauteed mushrooms requested by daddy!
Baked potato hot from the oven!

The finished product: Loaded Baked Potato, Ribeye Steak, Roll, Corn, Sauteed Mushrooms!

While he was gone we decided that we would get his room decorated to surprise him! We moved into this apartment at the end of September and hadn't done much with the kids rooms up to this point. Trevor got the Spongebob bedding and curtains for Christmas - so we got the wall clings and border, some rugs, etc. We still need to get him a headboard/footboard and new dresser. I did pick up a shelf but we haven't put it together yet, but then the books will come off the dresser and go on the shelf. Anyways, the following pictures are of his room and his reaction when he got home! It was wonderful! 

Oh's a sneaky little girl in his bed while he's not home! LOL! 

Ohhh there is that sneaky lil girl again! LOL! 

And here is Trevor seeing his room for the first time all decorated!

He was so funny to watch! 
We also got Victoria's room finished at the same time...well almost finished. I couldn't
find any place locally that sold the curtains we need to match her bedding, so I had to order those online. 
They should be here this week along with some other Tinkerbell clings. And we did order her Tinkerbell toddler bed wish us luck this week as we venture into the world of "big girl bed"! ACK!!!

I plan on getting one of those fancier curtains rods with the "crystal" ends on them to dress up the curtain a bit when they do come. I am hoping that soon I'll be able to take the rocking chair out and give her more room - but for now I have to sit in there with her as she goes to sleep. 
I wish we didn't have to rent so we could have a nicer place and the kids could have even nicer rooms...maybe someday...sigh....

As for Trevor, he had a few touch and go moments today, but was able to keep himself in check for the most part. I know it will take time and we are going to have some rough moments before it gets better. 

I am just glad he is home back where he belongs. With us. His family. 



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