Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy sleep and time-outs!

Yesterday morning Victoria was in bed sleeping with us - suddenly she woke me up with her screaming. At first I couldn't make out what she was saying, but then realized she was screaming, "I want my ice cream". When I sat up to look at her and try to calm her down, I saw her eyes weren't even open...when I tried to calm her down she didn't respond - if anything, she just got more irate with me. She kicked, screamed, slapped, thrashed about. After what seemed like 5 minutes, she was quiet for a moment and then suddenly her eyes were open and she was all loving and didn't mention the ice cream at all, even later in the day. I think she was having some sort of nightmare/dream/night terror. I remember when Trevor used to have night terrors all the time - those were so disturbing - I definitely don't miss that. I am trying to remember what age Trevor was when he had them and I am thinking Vicky is around the same age. Guess we'll have to wait and see if it ever happens again. Poor lil thing!

Trevor called last night around 5:30pm to talk to me. Before he came on the line, the nurse wanted me to know he had another time-out yesterday. Apparently he wasn't listening and cooperating and got himself a time-out. There was already one child in the time-out room, so they had to put him in this cocoon type of thing and secure it to his bed. It's just sad to think about  - I hate to think that my baby has to be restrained like that. But I know this is the best thing for him - he's in a safe place where they can monitor these outbursts and handle them more appropriately then I can at home unfortunately.

The psychiatrist was saying on Monday how the honeymoon period is over for Trevor - meaning that he's starting to show his true self now - the meltdowns are becoming more frequent - the newness of the situation has worn off and he's being himself. After the call yesterday, I completely agree with this. Seems like he's getting a time-out every day now where those first 5-6 days there, he was good as gold. I am hoping by them being able to see these, they can adjust his medication accordingly and give him something that will help along with new coping skills.

I did talk with him and he sounded good - he even told me he had a time-out. He wanted to know when he could come home and I could hear them tell him it would depend on his behavior. He needs to know that his behavior ultimately affects when he can come home.

We do have another team meeting scheduled for Tuesday of next week unless he comes home before then - but as it stands right now, the chance he'd be home this week is extremely slim.


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  1. I know it sounds odd to say, but I am glad he is showing his "true colors" to them, finally. It seems that one of the main problems you have had with getting treatment is that no one believes you about the way he acts at home.

    Hopefully this will help them give him and you the proper treatment he needs to help control his behaviors and give you all the skills to properly deal with the behaviors too.

    (((HUGS))) I know this has been hard on your family for him to be gone so long.