Saturday, March 13, 2010

Feeling hopeful!!!

Today I am feeling hopeful - something I haven't been able to say with such certainty (and actually believing it) in a long time.

For those not in the know, we took Trevor to a hospital north of us to be evaluated through the ER - which in turn led him to be admitted to the Children's Psychiatric Unit. It was a heartbreaking decision yet again, but it was something we knew that had to be done. We arrived up there around noon and were taken to an exam room fairly quickly but it wasn't till 6pm that we were told they were going to admit him. It was a long, emotional day once again. And when the news came that he was being admitted, I fully broke down bawling. I want so much to help Trevor, but knowing he was being admitted was crushing just the same.

We were taken to the Children's Psych. Unit - it's a locked down unit - so you must be buzzed in and out. We were let in and the first thing they do, is run a metal detector over Trevor. Let me tell you, watching that being done to your 6 yr old is hard - you understand why it's being done - but it's so hard to see. Then they took his shoes - as the children aren't allowed shoes - less opt to try to "break free" so to speak when you don't have shoes on. Then they ordered him some supper while Karl and I went to fill out paperwork. By the time we were done with that, he was happily watching a movie with one of the counselors and another little boy who is a patient.

They showed us around the floor - they can house up to 7 patients at one time. Right now there are three of them including Trevor, so a small group, which is a plus I think. They have a classroom complete with computer, etc, They are required to do 2 hours of school work per day, so Trevor is not missing any school in that sense. Trevor's room has a bed and desk/chair and he has his own bathroom with toilet and sink. There is also a padded room for time-outs if it comes down to that. They also explained other tools they use - and when I say "tools" I don't mean like screwdrivers or anything of that nature, but more like weighted blankets, cocoon wraps, etc. So far, Trevor hasn't done anything that would require them to use any of those options.

It was hard to leave him - instead of being like 20 minutes away, this time he's 1.5 hours away. But once again, we knew we had done what was best.

Yesterday we went up to visit him and bring him some clothes and his lovies - we spent a couple hours with him - got to sit with him while he ate supper and then we played Pictionary. (I am on a mission now to find him Pictionary Junior because he loved that so much, but I think the Junior version would be better suited. I unfortunately can't find it at Walmart, go figure!) It was a great visit!

They told us that despite his issues, he's incredibly well mannered, smart and funny and that it is a reflection of our parenting. Talk about making us feel great - it's always wonderful to hear this - so often as parents of a special needs child, we question ourselves - wondering where we went wrong.

So on to the hopeful part....

Today the Psychiatrist called to touch base with us. She said she wants to steal Trevor cause he's so awesome! LOL!! I can't help but agree with her - he is pretty darn awesome!!! :-)

Anyways, for starters she wants to take him off of the Abilify - she said all it's doing is packing on the weight. He's starving all the time thanks to it. I agreed completely. She also said he's got more fat on his neck then she'd like to see, and so she wants to have his thyroid looked into just to make sure everything is OK. Good - off to a good start.

She then went on to say that she is putting him on a medication, (with our permission) to help the bed-wetting. She was surprised no one had mentioned it sooner. She said she told him and he was all happy and said, "what are we waiting for?" lol! That's my guy! LOL!!

She wants to get him off all his other meds (Adderall, Prozac, and Trazodone) - but first she wants to do a sleep deprived EEG to see about any type of seizure activity. Once that is done, she then wants him off all these meds. Her concern is that sometimes these meds he's currently on can bring on seizure type of activity - she wants to see if that is the case. But also because she feels he has Intermittent Explosive Disorder along side the Aspergers Syndrome. If he has IED, this would explain the rage/violent episodes. Once we see where he's at, they can start a new medication, where he can be safely monitored!

Finally I feel like we are getting somewhere - finally someone is listening to us and giving us hope. I have a smile on my face tonight- a genuine, honest-to-goodness smile. I am so happy right now.

Granted, this means there is a chance he could be in there a couple weeks or more while they work out the medications, but I can handle that knowing he's finally getting the help he needs. Yes, I want him home ...but more that that, I want him to feel better and if it means we have to wait a lil longer while he stays there, then I will deal and we'll get through this.

Monday morning we go up for a group meeting and will be able to further discuss everything. I am really looking forward to this now!


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