Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glimpse into Trev's world!

I am just a blog hog tonight! LOL!!

On to something of a more serious nature, Karl was laying with Trevor last night in bed. He wanted his daddy as he went to sleep. So they were talking and Trevor said sometimes he wants to do something but his brain won't let him.

You know I often wonder what it's like to be inside his brain. And I've often said I'd give anything to be able to see how he thinks/feels for even just 5 minutes. It's not very often we get a glimpse into Trev's world. The only other he's mentioned about it, was when he said his brain confuses him.

I get so frustrated when he has these meltdowns/tantrums. And I just have to keep reminding myself that he doesn't mean the things he says...that his brain doesn't work like yours and mine. I have to wonder how would I react to the world around me if my brain worked differently. Whose to say I wouldn't have tantrums too? Heck, even now as a "normal" adult, there are times that I just want to throw a tantrum too.

Trevor really is a special kid with so much to offer the world. It hurts to no end that his brain can't function like ours does - that he has to struggle like he does.


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