Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Great Easter Bunny Experience of 2010

I've hemmed and hawed the past few days trying to decide whether or not to take Victoria to see the Easter Bunny. Part of me felt bad doing it while Trevor wasn't able to be here to go along with us. He had a good time last year having his picture taken with the Bunny....actually they both did.

So today I went to the mall in an attempt to find an Easter Dress on sale for Victoria. Sears had nothing left in her size at off to Jc Penneys we went....they had many and I feel right in love with one but didn't want to spend $20 on a dress just for Easter - I know technically she'll wear it more than just Easter, but it's just the idea. So I settled on one that ended up being $10 after tax. Not as fancy as I had imagined, but it would do.

So spur of the moment, I decide to do the picture with the Easter Bunny. Vicky was beyond excited. Oh she was waving at him and bubbling over with happy! He'd wave at her and she's wave back....he'd peak around a corner at her and she'd squeal with delight that he was playing "peekaboo" with her. And finally they called her up to get her picture taken.....and as we approached the Easter Bunny, I felt some resistance on my hand....suddenly Vicky was no longer filled with excitement....that had been replaced by sheer terror! She was freaking out! Poor thing practically jumped up into my arms. She didn't want to sit on his lap - she didn't want to sit on his knee - she didn't want to sit next to him - nothing. In the end they suggested I...yes....I ...sit down next to the Easter Bunny and hold her and do a picture that way. Even that way, Vicky was still very angry and scared about the whole thing. I couldn't believe that this was the same child who just moments before was on cloud 9 because of the Easter Bunny.

So we paid $3.00 and got a rather ridiculous picture of the three of us! LOL!! Will have to upload it and post it later.

She's had no problem in the past with Easter Bunny or Santa ....funny that now she should start getting scared.


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