Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am squeamish!

When it comes to foods, I admit, I get a bit squeamish. All it takes is one bad meal that leaves me feeling sick or running to the stray hair in my unidentifiable object in my rice...and I am done for.

I've had a string of bad luck at restaurants during my adult life.

Let's see, there was the time at Pizzera Uno when I found not just one hair, but what looked like a glob of hair from a hair brush in my pizza pie. Yeah, I ordered a pizza pie, not hair pie! Yuck! We never went back there again.

Last year for my birthday it was the salad that had the dark green slimy lettuce leaves - drenched in a river of dressing. It looked like something that had been plated the day before and never used.

Of course, there have been countless times where my food has been overcooked to the point that it's turned color - nothing says "yum" quite like an overcooked black baked potato does - and I don't mean the skin was black - I mean when I cut into it, it was a lovely shade of black/grey and cold as can be. Or the times when it's undercooked and still practically mooing at my seat. All sorts of crazy things like that.

Last month or so we ordered from our favorite Chinese place and the beef teriyaki tasted off to me - the inside seemed a bit too red if you asked me and it just had this "off" taste. I ended up sick that night - not sure if I just made myself sick thinking about it or if I was legitimately sick, either way no one else was affected, just me.

We got Chinese again last night from same place ....tasted great...stayed away from the teriyaki beef this time though, just to be safe. Tonight I decided to heat up the leftover fried rice and several bites into it I come across one of those hard unidentifiable objects. Needless to say it all went in the trash. I am sitting here still squeamish - my stomach doing flips and feeling nauseous. It's ruined it for me. I can't go back there for a loooooong time.


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