Thursday, March 18, 2010

St.Pattys Day

St.Patrick's Day was always a day full of celebration in our house. As a kid I remember my dad putting green food coloring in the toilet tank so the water would be green when  you flushed! LOL!! I remember my mom getting green bagels from this incredibly awesome bagel place on I believe it was 93rd Street and 2nd or 3rd ave in Brooklyn. I'd take them to school to share with the class. I remember mom  coloring green shamrocks with marker on my cheeks and hands to go to school. I can still hear the sounds of the Irish LP's playing - "Oh Danny Boy" is still a favorite to this day. I remember many years dad having mom hang up green Christmas lights. And there were shamrocks everywhere around the house. It was such a fun time!

While I have yet to decorate the house, the kids are still too young to really appreciate and enjoy the decorations, I do continue the tradition of making the Irish Soda Bread and the Corned Beef and Cabbage Supper. It just wouldn't be St.Patty's Day without it!

There is it in all it's delicious glory - Irish Soda Bread.

It's a must to slice off a piece as soon as it comes out of the oven and slather it with Irish butter.

Although, it's also a must that the next morning you toast it and slather it with more of said Irish butter.

There is just something about Irish Soda Bread that is comforting to me.

Now on to the Corned Beef & Cabbage.

Because corned beef tends to shrink when cooking, I always do two of them for us. Not to mention, it's nice to have some leftovers in the days after St.Patty's. I use what is called Flat Cut and Point Cut. The flat cut is usually much leaner and the point cut is a more fatty cut. The reason I do one of each is because you need some of that fat for the flavor.

This is the flat cut:

This is the point cut:

This year I used a big electric roaster to cook mine. Put the two corned beef in roaster, add water - not to totally cover it either - and then add both seasoning packets from the corned beef. I cooked it on about 325 degrees for 5 or so hours. About 30 minutes before it was done, I added in small red potatoes cut in half, baby carrots and one head of cabbage, quartered, and a small onion.

To say it was heavenly, is an understatement. It was divine. It was something that only dreams are made of! LOL!! It's a favorite meal for me.

Now I should note if you overcook the cabbage it can become bitter and almost mushy. Best to add that last thing so it will keep it's good flavor.

Can I admit I am already looking forward to next St.Patty's Day just for the food alone? LOL!!

And St.Patty's wouldn't be complete without a picture of my lil Irish Lass -

My only wish I had was that Trevor could have been home for it as well. Maybe, I'll do it again when he comes home! :-)


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