Sunday, March 7, 2010

The toothfairy is going to go broke!

Trevor lost a tooth last Sunday. Trevor lost another tooth today.

Here is the deal though - he pulls them out himself. Yes, they are loose but honestly I haven't had a chance yet to really feel them beforehand to see if they are that ready to come out. By the amount of blood, I have to wonder if they were really all that loose when he pulls them. I am starting to question if this has something to do with the Aspergers - not the Aspergers itself necessarily but the anxiety and things of that nature that go along with it. I need to ask the doctor when I speak to her again. My big fear is that he's going to pull out an adult tooth and then be really messed up.


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  1. Hey, Erin - If it makes you feel better, Olivia lost her first two teeth this week too. The first one was loose FOREVER. I thought we had awhile until the second one came out, but we only had 3 days. I think she thought it was so cool to lose her teeth and have the tooth fairy come - not to mention some other kids at school are loosing their teeth too - so she worked and worked on that tooth to make it come out earlier than it would've had she left it alone. And she did bleed a decent amount for both of them.