Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trevor Update

We had another team meeting today up at the hospital. The psychiatrist who was there left - she was just filling in, which is a shame, as we really loved her. So today we met her (temporary) replacement - an older man from Florida - poor man said he's freezing up here - no doubt! LOL!

He is on the same track as the previous doctor, so no real changes. He's going to be doing some labs to see if the new medication is at a therapeutic level and if not, adjust that. He's also increased his Adderall, because Trevor continues to be all over the place literally. It's hard to find something that will hold Trev's attention.

He does agree that Trevor needs a full pediatric neurology work up - they are working on getting that set up, so that once he's out of the hospital we can do that. That will entail a trip downstate and possibly an inpatient stay, as some of the tests are 24 hours long.

This doctor also mentioned how charming Trevor is and how it's like talking to a little adult. The social worker told us that Trevor has told them on numerous occasions that we are the best parents ever. It's definitely nice to hear that he feels that way.

That's really all the update there is - as it stands right now, he will not be home this week. We have another meeting set up for next Monday.

On Monday, another doctor will be coming on board - I am not sure now if this one will be the permanent doctor or just another fill in at this point.

We spent some time with Trevor after the meeting....sat with him while he ate lunch and then we played a game of Yahtzee - Karl won. For someone who hates games of that nature, he managed to win - must be nice! LOL!

He got teary when we left...but so did I. It's hard to walk away ...I just want to scoop him up and take him home.

I wish I had more to update at this point....I have to keep reminding myself we did the right thing....he's at a safe place getting the help he needs and as much as it hurts having him gone right now, the homecoming will be so worth it.

Karl and I are both disappointed that he won't be home for Easter - not that Easter is a huge holiday in terms of celebration but of course the Easter Bunny visit and all that fun stuff.

On another note, I finally got my book in the mail - the one I mentioned the other day here on the blog - written by Shonda Schilling. So much of it rings true - right down to the feelings of guilt - to the people making you feel like a bad parent. It's all so familiar. In a strange way it's comforting to know there are others who have walked in our shoes. I have read about half of it today alone and am hoping maybe to finish it up tonight.


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