Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vicky & the EEG

Tomorrow is Victoria's EEG - her sleep deprived EEG I might say. I got the instructions last week in the mail:

Keep her up three hours past her bedtime
Get her up no later than 5am
Do not let her sleep at all before the test
No caffeine

Today the office called to remind me of the appointment and to go over the instructions. They explained that the first hour will just be setting up the test. Ouch. An hour to set up a test on a tired 2 yr old. I am already sweating just thinking about it. The second hour is the test itself - and they hope that she will sleep. I asked, do you give her something to relax her? calm her down? help her sleep? No. Oh vey! This isn't going to go well.

Take one tired toddler who has been up till 10pm, then is up at 5am, bring her into an unfamiliar office at the hospital, take an hour to hook her up to all the electrodes and then expect her to go to sleep under those conditions? I have horrible visions of how this is going to turn out tomorrow.


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  1. That is one hard test. I must say that you are lucky to be allowed to sleep though. Jusden had one when he was 2 and he was not allowed to sleep at all the night before. Then we had to drive him 45 minutes away. Yeah, trying to keep an exhausted child up in a car for 45 minutes was horrible. Luckily he fell right to sleep as soon as he was all hooked up.

    I hope everything goes smoothly and you get some good results.