Friday, April 16, 2010

Another perfect example!

I have to share another perfect example of the difference in Trevor now versus pre hospitalization. At lunch time today, Karl was on the computer looking at Google Maps, and Trevor went over to see what he was looking at. Trevor became quite interested in it. Karl had to get back to work (he has an hour lunch break and work is only a couple minutes away, so he's able to come home and see us every day) and Trevor sat down and started playing with it. Trevor used Google Maps for about 2 hours straight. Now, I know for the neurotypical child this wouldn't be something that would bring joy to a parent. What parent wants their child sitting in front of a computer for two hours straight? But for Trevor, this was amazing. He's never had the attention span to sit at the computer for that long before. He's always loved computers - he started using it before he even turned 2 yrs old. By 3 he was able to download and install programs. He's just a natural. But he just couldn't focus on it for that long. With the right medication, he's now able to better focus. I am still amazed - 2 hours focused on one thing. He navigated all over our town - checking out different places - different landmarks.

His support workers have also taken notice of the difference in his attention span. On Wednesday, his worker D brought over a big keyboard and amp. He played on that for about 30 minutes. Then they went to the library where they played a game and used the computer before checking out a book. She said this morning at our group meeting that normally she is trying to find things for him to do and "wrangle" him in because he's all over the place, but not anymore.

I am so happy with the direction things are going in. It's such a relief to me. But most of all, Trevor deserves this. He's been through so much ...he deserves to be happy and in better control of his mind. It's got to be hard enough to not think like everyone else, but then not to have the right medications and such....I can only imagine what it was like for him. But really he just deserves this so much!


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  1. Oh, Erin, I'm so happy for you! And for Trevor, of course. I'm so glad he's progressing! Hugs!

    PS Peter loves Google Earth! It amazes me what interests these boys some times!