Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Car woes.....

You know sometimes I think cars are more trouble then they are worth. We had both vehicles repaired back in February. I have a whole new appreciation for the Amish and the horse & buggy. We have a budding Amish population around here and it's nothing to see a horse & buggy in front of you on Main Street.

Anyways, yesterday when I was out taking Trevor to the appointment with the OT and the darn "check engine" light came on. It's happened before and it freaks me out. I start imagining the worst....big dollar signs flash in front of my eyes and I can't help but worry.

Now, Karl used to be an automotive technician, so I try not to worry when he tells me everything is ok, but it doesn't always work so well.

So what do I do? I do what I do whenever I start worrying about anything...I turn to the Internet! LOL!!

I came across this cool site - RepairPal. RepairPal gives you ratings for things like: mechanics, repair estimates, user reviews and so much more. I don't know how I never have stumbled across this before. Anyways, they have this neat encyclopedia feature, so I used that to see what the "Check Engine Light" could mean. It had some really useful information. It gives you four different scenarios of what the "check engine light" could mean and then what you can do about it.  And best of all my mind was put to ease because the light only came on for a few seconds and then went off. I didn't see anything that would lead me to believe it was the problem with my car.

Truth be told, I'd love a new car....well, not new as in "new"....but new as in new to me. I'd like a bigger car, maybe even an SUV. Right now we have a Ford Taurus and a Ford Ranger - both are rather small vehicles. All I know is I want something reliable. Karl has another truck that is being stored at his dad's house - a Toyota pickup and that truck is amazing - over 20 yrs old and it looks incredible. Karl has always been a huge fan of Toyota. I know lately Toyota has been under fire for their recalls, but I kinda admire them. I mean, they called that recall before the govt did. They didn't wait till it was a matter of having to, they did it on their own. That impresses me. I saw an 02' Camry for sale the other day - good price - though it's smaller than I'd like. I used RepairPal to check out the ratings for the  02' Camry - so cool - can check out reviews, recalls, ratings, etc. But I just don't think that a car is something we can do right now....think we'll continue to just keep our eyes out and maybe the right vehicle will come along. I do know that when we decide to really get serious about car buying, I am going to insist we check out RepairPal again!

You really need to check out RepairPal - there is such a wealth of knowledge available, whether you are trying to find a decent mechanic, and Lord knows we all need one of those.....or you are trying to find reviews on a vehicle you are considering purchasing.....or you want to check to see about recalls and other issues that are car-related.


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  1. Always remember a check engine light can be as simple as not screwing the gas cap on tight enough!