Thursday, April 1, 2010


Oh what a day! Let me just say I am exhausted! I kept Victoria up till 10pm last night - mind you she normally is in bed at 6:30pm. By 9pm, she was openly expressing how tired she was and her desire to go to bed. I wanted to grant her that wish, but knew we had more time to go. Then we were up at 5am this morning. It was a tough morning because she wanted chocolate milk and she couldn't have it because of the caffeine in the chocolate.

We were just about ready to leave for the appointment, when I realized she had pooped. So I stop to quickly change her, only to discover she has diarrhea, so she was a mess. Now I had to run and find a clean outfit to put on in a flash, so we could get out the door and be on time. 

We got there and registered and were taken back to a room. I had to hold Vicky while the technician measured and marked her head with a wax pencil in numerous spots - seriously, she moved the measuring tape here and there and marked over and over. From there, I was to lay her down on the table, and she would place the electrodes (is that what they are called?) Unfortunately, Vic wanted nothing to do with laying down. So the technician offered to leave for 10 minutes to see if I could settle Vic down and maybe get her to drift off. In the end, she was gone about 25 minutes (she checked in once and left again) and I still couldn't get her to calm down - I tried it all - singing - talking - giving her a handheld Yahtzee game - rocking her - you name it, I tried it. She wouldn't settle down, so our last option was to swaddle her and me hold her in place, while the technician put the electrodes on. Vic cried and cried and screamed and screamed...oh and kicked and could I forget that?! I had to hold her down and just stay strong emotionally - I knew she wasn't being hurt but it was hard to listen to that crying. But I knew if we didn't get it done, we'd have to do it again and it wasn't going to get any easier the next time. So I stayed strong and the technician told me that at any time I wanted to stop we could...but we went on. I kept rubbing her arms while talking so softly and calm, trying to get her to settle down and go to sleep. Once all the probes were on, she wrapped her head in gauze and Vicky finally gave in and drifted off to sleep with me rocking her on the table and rubbing her belly, while "shhhh'ing" her.

The technician recorded her for about 20 minutes of sleep, then they turn on this strobe light and that blinks while she sleeps and they record to see if it has any affect on her. This happens I think it was 4 times, each time the flashing would get faster. Truth be told, I was afraid I'd have a seizure because it was so bright and fast.

Then, she had to wake Vicky up and record her waking up....oh you know what it's like to wake an extremely tired toddler? It's not fun! They do not wake up in a pleasant mood to say the least. She was pissed - no ifs, ands or butts about it.

But we got it done and hopefully it will be enough to see what is going on. She said it would take about a week to get the results - why it takes so long is beyond me. I'll be on edge until then. But I guess that is par for the course these days - we've sure had our fair share of stress lately.


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