Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Incredibly Proud

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Trev has a worker that comes in to well....work with him. C takes him out in the community and they work on areas like safety, etc. So they came back last week after having been out and C said Trevor called him out on his smoking. C assured me that he never smokes in front of his clients. I wasn't worried - he doesn't cross me as the type to do anything like that in front of his clients, so I was not worried. But anyways, we talked about smoking and how Trev knows that is what caused my dad to die last year. Trev and I have talked about how I even used to smoke and quit, etc.

So today C arrives and we are all sitting at the table and C says that because of Trevor he went to the doctor. I was confused - thinking what could Trevor have done that would cause him to go to the doctor. So he went on to explain that it was something Trevor said last week. So with that he pulled out the medicine from his pocket. He went to the doctor to get on medication to quit smoking. He's been smoking for I think he said 25 yrs, and here between last Thursday and today, because of Trevor, he went to the doctor to work on quitting. Trevor told him last week that if he keeps smoking, he'll die. And that was exactly what C needed to hear. It made him think of his own 11 yr old daughter and really hit home for him.

I am so incredibly proud of Trevor. He made an impact in someones life without trying....without preaching (as we adults sometimes tend to do). He just simply stated the facts. My dads passing has been very hard on Trevor and has left a lasting impression on him. And he likes C enough to not want him to die from smoking.

Isn't it amazing how sometimes it finally takes something spoken so matter-of-fact from the mouth of a child to wake us up and shake us and make us take stock of our life?!


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