Sunday, April 18, 2010



Yes, I know I spelled it incorrectly!

I did it on purpose.

I've coined the phrase "medopause" to describe this medicine induced menopause I am experiencing right now. I say I've coined the phrase, but truth be told, I don't know if someone else did it before me. LOL!

I do not like this one bit.

Hot flashes - my life consists of one hot flash after another. I can't get cold enough.

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to constantly have sweat dripping from your brow? Yeah, it's not sexy in the least. Soaking through your t-shirt isn't cool. There is nothing "hot" in getting up from the computer to find your pants wet from the back of the legs down to your knees. There is nothing glamorous about this at all. I imagine that real menopause is like this and I am not to thrilled with the idea of going through this all over again down the road when actual menopause hits.

The other night I was washing dishes and it hit me I opened a kitchen window and went about finishing the dishes. I stopped to fill some ice cube trays and in the process had to remove some things from the freezer to make room.

After that I went to morning we get up and come downstairs and it's FREEZING. Ok, to them it was freezing, to me it was pure bliss! Come to find out it's 32 degrees out and I had left the kitchen window open! LOL! Then I turn around and see I had left peas and french fries out on top of the freezer - Karl chuckled and told me not to worry because it was so cold in the house, they were fine! LOL!

I am sitting here now quietly blogging while waiting for Vicky to fall asleep and the sweat is rolling down my face and I am not even doing anything strenuous. Ewww!!!

I am dying to have the air conditioners put in! LOL!!

And to think I only have another 5 months of this treatment.......


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