Saturday, April 24, 2010

No filter between brain and mouth!

I am in the grocery store today and I got on line behind a youngish woman (I'd say around my age). She was purchasing numerous items, but one stood out - it was a huge Whoopie Pie the size of a dinner plate. The teen who was cashiering asked her jokingly if it was her dinner...she replied that she is allergic so she couldn't eat it....then she looked directly at me....looked back at cashier and said, "besides it would make me fat and that isn't good".....coincidence that she happened to look at me and then make that statement? No, I don't be thinking so!

I was infuriated! What is with people? Lack of filter between brain and mouth? Lack of brain? No couth whatsoever!

So today's arsehole award goes to the broad at the grocery store!!! Eff off!!!


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