Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, Trevor has been home since Monday afternoon and things for the most part have gone rather well. I am happy to say that he has *NOT* once tried to leave the house. This is huge ...monumental really! He asks now if I can take him out (or if Karl can). And when he's been told no, he hasn't had complete meltdowns. We've been able to redirect him and get him on to something else.

Now that is not to say that everything is peachy....because it isn't by any means. For example, tonight he punched me in the head. He was mad and next thing I know I am being punched. I stayed calm and immediately sent him to his room for a time out. A short while later he came down and apologized. Did you hear that? He apologized! On his own accord!!! A genuine apology. And then at bedtime, he gave me a hug and apologized once again on his own accord. Again, this is huge. In the past we've had to prompt him to apologize to whoever he happened to hit...and honestly, quite often it would be a half-assed "sorry" said in a hurry....but this was different. This is progress!

So yeah, things aren't 100% but things are definitely improving!!! And really, that is all I can ask for!!!

On another note, Trevor came home yesterday with another stellar report card. He is so incredibly smart and I am so proud of him. He went right back to school and picked up where he left off. He really amazes me!


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