Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You've got to be kidding me....

I called the housing manager this morning in an attempt to light a fire under their butts in regards to getting the deadbolt locks installed. His coming home from the hospital is partly contingent on these safety measures being put into place.

So I left a message and mentioned how we've been waiting for the deadbolt locks and cabinet locks to be installed. The housing manager called me back and said that they had talked (her and the executive director) and we couldn't have deadlocks as it was a safety issue. I nearly flipped my lid. We requested the deadbolts a month ago - were told we had to fill out a form and then get a letter from the pediatrician stating the need for said locks - we did that and dropped it off about 3 weeks ago. She goes on to say it's a fire hazard. At this point I am on the verge of tears and just downright loosing it...so I said, it won't matter if there is a fire, when he's laying in the middle of the street dead from running out and being hit by a car. She said she'd talk to the director again and he'd be in touch with me.

In the meantime I call the social worker up at the hospital and explained to her the situation and she said she'd call them and see what she could do. I then called Trev's case manager and left a message - thinking I'd have her call them as well and see if she could talk to them. At this point, I am thinking, I'll call the Americans with Disabilities and contact a lawyer and will do anything I have to in order to get these locks installed.

A couple hours later the director showed up at my door to talk to me about the locks. He said he had called me two weeks ago to talk to me about this. Now I don't know who he talked to, but he didn't call our house. I would obviously remember talking to him about the locks. He suggested that maybe Trev's case manager answered the phone saying she was me....no one answers the phone but Karl or I and even Karl hates talking on he phone, so it's 99.9% me. He says they can put in the locks but they have to have a copy of the key so they can get in if there is an emergency. OMG seriously? You can have 250 copies of the key for all I care - I have nothing to hide - I simply want to be able to keep my child safe. He says they are going to have to get new doors ...yada...yada...yada....it will be a week or so. Fine. He says they have to be their locks so they can have the key - again fine! Trev's case manager had purchased some for us, simply so that they (housing) didn't charge us an arm and leg for them. The director assured me they wouldn't charge us. Again...fine! Just get it done!

About 45 minutes later he returns and says they might be able to just get a new door handle lock that will have a key on both sides, therefore not having to wait for new doors. He wants to know if that will work. Yes, that will work - as long as it's set up so that he can't get out because there is a key lock, then I don't care where the minor details - just make it happen!

So that is where we are at...I don't care like I said if they have a copy of the key....I don't care if they need us to sign a waiver that we understand that we are liable if something were to happen to us and we won't hold them responsible....I don't care if the lock is a separate deadbolt or a lock on the actual handle - I just don't care - just get me the damn lock so my son can come home and be safe!

My emotions have been all over the place today - crying over this...crying over Trevor....you name it....I just need something to fall into place and work out for us.....


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