Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Makin' Progress!

My dear sweet lil girl is growing up.

Sad but true.

Just yesterday we were curled up breastfeeding - me looking down and watching the contentment wash over her face while she nursed....

....and now today she is going to bed alone, using the potty, taking her meds all by herself.

For about two weeks now, give or take, she's been going to the potty by herself. I had tried several times prior to this but gave up when I realized that she wasn't ready. And from what I am seeing now, waiting pays off. Back to the story - she's been using it on her own for about two weeks now. We have a potty downstairs on the main floor, and when she needs to go, she'll pull her diaper down, go use the potty and then pull her diaper back up and go about her business. Sometimes she stops to tell me she is going, other times she'll tell me after. But all the time she is proud of herself. I haven't been pushing this at all - if she goes great, if not great.

Another thing she's been doing is going to bed alone. I think I've mentioned in the past that I would sit in her room with her while she went to sleep. Two weeks ago she was misbehavin at bed time and I told her if she didn't stop I wasn't going to stay there. She continued to have her tantrum, so I walked out the door, fully expecting to go back into her room when she calmed down. After about 5 minutes she yelled out from her room that she was calm now, lol. I said ok, and told her goodnight. She went to sleep. I was floored! Floored I tell ya! Since then every night I tuck her in, we say our good nights, give our hugs and kisses and exchange our "best friend' line and she goes to bed by herself. Last night she even woke early and normally she would have wanted to come into my room and sleep but I went in and comforted her and she went back to sleep on her own. Now, she still does wake at some point during the night - anywhere between 1am and 5am and I do bring her in here with us, but the very fact that she is going to sleep in her room alone and staying for most the night is a huge thing.

And the other sign of "big girldom" is that she is taking medicine in the form of a pill now. I didn't have any children's liquid allergy med in the house, so the pediatrician said I could cut a regular tablet in half and crush it and put it in her applesauce. Well I decided that I would just try to give it to her and see if she could swallow it down with some water. And she did! And boy was she proud of herself!!! I am proud of her too as I know adults who can't do what she just did at 2.5 yrs old. This morning she took another dose and this time Karl got to see her do it. She gave us high 5's when she was done.

I almost forgot, one night last week she called for me when she was in bed. She said I needed to sit in her room because there was a monster in her closet. Where she ever got that from, I have no idea! I didn't think they started with this stuff at this age, but anyways, back to the I told her mommy was right here, there was nothing in her closet and she would be ok. I reached down to hug her and she giggled and told me she knew there were no monsters! LOL! I think lil stinker was trying to fool me! LOL!

I just can't believe how fast they grow up. I am sad because she is my last baby....never again will I experience all those firsts.....never again....and that my friends, is sad indeed.


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