Monday, May 3, 2010

No go on the bike!

This weekend we were in Wal-Mart and I decided to take a look at the bikes. We've been talking to Trevor about getting a bike. Well, we found one that was his size and also had the training wheels, so I took it down so Trevor could try it out. It was a no go! Now granted whoever assembled it screwed up the training wheels and made it wicked crooked, even with us holding the bike steady, he still didn't like it. He would pedal a time or two and then freak out and nearly fall off. It made me think of something the OT said about how Trevor has no concept of where he is in "space". And at that very moment, it was so true. It was hard to watch - I wanted to be able to help him learn. But he's not interested. I was willing to buy the bike on the spot - but he said "no". I am a bit disappointed - it's stupid of me but I just want him to be like other kids - and to experience things that I did as a kid. I know ultimately it doesn't matter one bit if he rides a bike or not - it's really his choice and that is what matters. Maybe some day he'll change his mind and decide he wants to learn and if and when that time comes, then we'll go out and get him a bike and give it a try...until then, there will be no pressure.


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