Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trevor meet the gate....gate meet Trevor!!!

It has been a very loooong weekend for us already.

The kids have been at each others throats from the time they get up till the time we put them in bed. I am exhausted - not only physically but mentally. And I think it's safe for me to say Karl is too. Trevor recently has taken to "disciplining" Victoria - which when deciphered means  spanking Victoria. Where he got the idea that he could hit her is beyond me. But it's got to come to a screeching halt! Vicky on the other hand, has gotten to be quite physical with Trevor when he just doesn't roll over and give into her every screaming wish. Sigh! And this too needs to come to a screeching halt. I've had enough! Plain and simple! 

So tonight after supper, Trevor was misbehaving once again....he was told to get upstairs for his shower. But instead he was being lippy and mouthy and told me I was a jerk. And no sooner did those words leave his mouth, when he slipped on the floor and fell and his face met the safety gate between the kitchen and living room. Hence, the "Trevor meet the gate....gate meet Trevor". He's made a mess of his face - right at the corner of his eye, down his face to his lip. I am sure by tomorrow morning he will have quite the black & blue. There was some minimal bleeding...of course, Trevor tends to be a drama king - so he cried and whaled - and went on and on about the blood and needing to call 911 and going to the hospital...all of which weren't necessary.

I felt horrible ....really I did but at the same time it's amazing how this happened just as he had called me, his mother, a jerk. A bit of karma maybe? 

There is a parade here in town tomorrow for Memorial Day....Trevor wants to go but we've told him that all rests on his behavior. And to think he's only got about 5 days of school left.....oh vey....say a prayer for me....

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