Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am flawed!

I have come to realize that I am flawed!

I am constantly running into parents who have the ability and patience to embrace the messes of childhood. They take each mess in stride, turn it into something fun, laugh it off and move on. And some even encourage that mess.

I think I am missing the gene that allows one to not get irritated by the messes of childhood! I am flawed!!!

I've tried...honestly I have....I have tried so hard to just laugh it off, to shake my head with a smile, to make it a game and not be bothered by the mess. But dammit, it's just not in me. Instead I get upset and annoyed and frankly pissy.

Yesterday I got both kids brand new boxes of 24 crayons - they were only .30 cents each, but it's still money spent. And despite repeatedly telling them to be careful, Vicky purposely broken each crayon in her box and threw them all over the place. I tried to laugh....I tried not to let it bother me....I tried to look at the big picture and just be happy that she was so "creative" but I couldn't. I was mad. Mad that once again I had tried to do something nice and spent money on them, only for it to be wasted.

This morning Trevor made a mess with the kids shampoo - two new bottles purchased last Friday - he emptied them in the shower and refilled them with water. And again, I tried really to see the humor in it and be happy about his creative genius but that didn't happen. Instead I was pissed off that once again more money was wasted and annoyed that now I have no soap for the kids till I go shopping tomorrow.

I was upset last week when Karl discovered Trevor in the bathroom with my nail polish painting his car....I didn't see the creativity behind it. What I saw was a child who had disobeyed the rules.

When the kids take all the pillows off the couch and stand on them and throws them around, I don't see the fun in that. What I see is a mess.

Don't get me wrong, I love these kids to the moon and back, I just lack that ability to take the messes with stride...I am not laid back enough to let it not bother me. I like things in order. I like cleanliness. I like routine. I love creativity ...I just don't think it needs to happen at the expense of other things being ruined or dirty, etc.



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  1. Erin, I totally get where you are with the messes thing. I struggle with that a lot.

    If you saved the broken crayons you might try melting them into Super Crayons that will have mystery colors as they get used. Very fun! :)