Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday Night Family Night

Big shout out to Cam Williamson for the guest post!!

When my family moved from Boston to Los Angeles for my husband’s job, we all ended up having more time together as a family. We occasionally watched television before but it wasn’t until we were settled into our new home that we had the time to enjoy family nights together. On Monday nights, our family night consists of baking goodies and watching our favorite direct tv family channels in California.

The original programming is enjoyed by my two teenage daughters and even my husband! There are several shows that we all enjoy and ABC Family has a good schedule so when one show ends for the season, it’s not too long before another takes its place. I think we all agree that Lincoln Height's is our favorite show since my husband and I instill the same values in our family that the TV family does in theirs. We also enjoy Greek, Make It or Break It, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Though there is adult content in nearly every show, we don’t shield our fourteen and fifteen year old daughters from it because it is part of their reality as well. We do talk about some of the situations afterward, and while some might think that’s an awkward thing to do, we actually like to know what our girls are thinking and how they feel about situations that they might be encountering themselves. It has brought us closer as a family, and I wouldn’t trade our Monday nights for anything in the world!

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