Saturday, August 7, 2010

All the easy answers....

Maybe it's just me, but have you ever noticed that the parenting magazines have all the easy answers? Each month is basically a rehash of the month before, ground up, and served in a new "dish" to make it look different. But the truth is, it's nothing new. The author might be - the way it's presented might be - but the basic information is the same ole' same.

I got a magazine in the mail today - can't remember if it's Parenting or Parents, but anyways, one piece of advice, was not to get into power struggles with your child. Well, hallelujah....if I hadn't of read that, I'd never have known. Seriously, does anyone set out to get into a power struggle with a child? Does anyone enjoy them? I mean, I don't purposely set out to have power struggles with Victoria, but they happen. Do I want them to happen? Absolutely not! But you know it's so much easier said then done.

These magazines seem to have all the answers to your biggest parenting nightmares but really, it isn't that simple. If it was, there wouldn't be any need for the magazines - we'd all have learned the answers in the first issue and be perfect parents now.


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