Thursday, September 16, 2010

The best of intentions....

I honestly really had the best of intentions. I never planned on dropping the ball with my blog. But this funny little thing called, "life", got in the way, and somehow blogging went to the wayside. Strangely enough, I miss it like crazy though. There is something therapeutic about writing my thoughts down for me.

So here I am - jumping back on the proverbial bandwagon - hope you'll join me on my journey once again!!!

Today we had an IEP meeting at school for Trevor. I actually requested this meeting. I suppose I need to back track a bit and start at the beginning. School started for Trevor on Sept 1st. He had a seemingly great first day. He had a seemingly great second day. But on day three, that is where things started to take a turn for the worst. Day three was a  Friday - the day that Trev's support worker works with him. C comes here to the house first, we talk about how things have been going - sort of a review - brainstorm if needed and then C goes to Trev's school to pick him up when he gets out. Well on this particular day, C couldn't work with Trevor for his whole shift - a meeting had been scheduled that required C to leave early. So when C brought Trevor home, I immediately noticed an attitude. C said that within the last 15 minutes, Trevor's attitude and demeanor had changed. When I tried to talk to Trevor, he became angry - demanding things - throwing himself about. It continued to escalate. I did everything in my power to stay calm but also let Trevor know that his behavior was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. Before I knew it, he was hanging onto my arm biting me. In the midst of all of this, C apologizes but says he has to leave.

I won't lie - I was pissed off. Here we are in the middle of a meltdown and his worker, the very person who is supposed to be helping us with this stuff, walks out and leaves me to deal with the situation.

I finally was able to get Trevor to calm down and then the flood gates opened - he bawled his eyes out - curled up in my lap. He hates school - he wants to quit school - he never wants to go back. Apparently a child had pushed him into a locker. Whether it was an accident or on purpose, I don't know but the thing is, Trevor has a hard time separating the two and making the distinction and he takes everything very personal. He also told me how the other kids put their mouths all over the water fountain and he doesn't want to drink from it now because of the germs. (Honestly, I can't blame him - public water fountains gross me out.)

When I finally got him to talk and settled down, I emailed his case manager and asked her to set up a meeting for us. I wasn't about to sit back and let this continue - he deserves a great school year. So today was that meeting!

( I should add that he's come home several other times since that day very upset and taking it out on me.)

Once again, we were told what a wonderful child he is. Trevor is a rule follower. He is polite. He is kind. He listens to his teacher and other adults. He is a joy to have in class. If they didn't hear it from us, they wouldn't believe that he had those issues of anger, because he is such a great kid at school. (Again, I feel it necessary to say that we are thrilled as strange as it may sound, to know he is so well behaved at school and saves those episodes for at home.)

We set up a plan where he will go the special ed classroom M-W-Th for the last 30 minutes of the day - sort of a -unwind/talk about your day- type of thing. We are in hopes that this will allow him the opportunity to work through any issues that might be bothering him from the day so that he isn't coming home and going nuts on me. He'll have the opportunity to talk as well as do some sensory stuff. I think this is going to be a good thing for him. And I like that it is going to be a consistent thing - prior to this it was only when he felt he needed it - well he's 6 and struggles to get his feelings out to begin with - expecting him to be able to vocalize that he needs a break is a bit much if you ask me.

All in all, I think it went pretty good....

Oh I almost forgot - he can bring in his own bottle of water to keep at his desk! He's thrilled and so am I!

Come back tomorrow and I'll fill you in on more of the craziness that has been going on the last month and half.... :-)


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