Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids & Food

Lately we've run into a problem with Trevor and his eating. There once was a time when Trevor was a fabulous little eater. I bragged any chance I got because how many 2 and 3 year olds do you know that would eat suishi, blue cheese, salmon, lobster, etc? He had a fabulous appetite and would eat pretty much anything put in front of him. But over the course of this year, things have changed. I've really noticed it the last 3-4 months. He's no longer eating the things he onced loved. He claims to hate most everything now. He even has said he hates pizza. He used to love it. At first I began to wonder if it was connected to his Asperger's. But after thinking about it more, I realized there is no rhyme or reason to what he hates. It's not as if all the foods are the same color or same texture, etc.

We talked some more and we think there are two things going on here.

1. He's trying to manipulate us. He's coming to realize that he can't get his way in other areas, so he's trying to push the food issue.

2. His BHP worker takes him out twice a week and 98% of the time, they would go out for fast food. Then he'd come home and he wouldn't eat supper. He wants fast food all.the.time! He's been spoiled.

Every night I make supper, I make sure to include at least 1-2, sometimes more, food that both kids like and will eat. My only rule on other foods is that you at least try a bite. You won't know if you like it till you try it.

So what has been happening is, we sit down to eat and he pitches a fit that he doesn't like this or that no time at all, it starts to escalate with him raising his voice, yelling at me (or us if Karl is home), slamming his fist down, etc.

Two weeks ago I talked to his BHP's supervisor about this. She said I shouldn't make this a battle. She said that if Trevor doesn't eat what I've made, to offer him a pb sandwich or cereal. And the other suggestion was to have him pick dinner one night a week.

Well, Karl and I got to thinking more about this and realized this isn't how we want to do things. I realize she may be the "professional" but we are the parents and have been for 6.5 yrs and we know Trevor. Letting him get away with having a sandwich or cereal is exactly what he wants. And it would become a nightly thing - me making him a seperate meal. And while I realize that pouring a bowl of cereal or making a pb sandwhich isn't hard at all, if I start doing it one night, then it will become a daily thing.

I wonder what other parents do in similiar you make your child a seperate meal when you know that there are things on the plate that they *do* like? I would never force either of them to eat something they truly hate, but I don't feel I am being unreasonable in requesting them to have one bite and to eat the foods they do like.


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