Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time flies ....

Once again, I've fallen behind on my blogging. I miss doing the 30 Days of Lists because it kept me honest and blogging daily! LOL

There has been a lot going on lately ...you know the usual - Dr.'s appointments, errands, holidays, birthdays, etc. It's been like a whirlwind lately around here. And I imagine with Christmas literally just around the corner, it will continue to be busy till the first of the year.

I hope all of you are doing well ...I promise to get busy blogging again very soon! :-)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laugh, Curse, & Cry Tears of Joy

I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

Every Sunday a group of us get together to watch NFL Sunday ticket from Tv By Direct. We take turns on who hosts the party every week. The host is responsible for buying beer that week, providing snacks, and taking bets the night before. I have to admit that I am not an avid football fan, but my husband is. I love getting together with his friends and their wives every Sunday of football season. It usually turns into the guys hooting and cheering (hopefully not cursing) at the television. The wives sit in the living room or kitchen and swap stories. We do a magazine swap where we bring a gossip magazine to trade. We also spend a lot of time giggling and shaking our heads at our husbands. Sometimes they really act like children and get way too involved the game. We have seen them laugh, curse, and cry tears of joy in one sitting on football Sunday. It is certainly a lot of entertainment packed into four or five short hours!

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Friday, September 30, 2011

I'll take those Schweddy Balls, thank you very much!

Recently, Ben & Jerry's released a new ice cream flavor - Schweddy Balls. In case you aren't versed in "Sweddy Balls", it is taken from a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live - NPR's Delicious Dish - Schweddy Balls - Video - http://www.nbc.com

And as with most things these days, it's caused an uproar among some parents. Apparently, some parents find
"Schweddy Balls" offensive.

And to that I say, "Are you serious?" And trust me when I say that was the most polite I could be about this - I try not to curse on here if I can help it, so I am sitting on my hands instead of saying what I really think!

There are so many issues that one could stand behind - education, politics, financial state of our country, bullying, etc, and yet the best we can do is go after Ben & Jerry's for making an ice cream called "Schweddy Balls"?

I heard on tv the other day that some parents were up in arms over how they were going to explain it to their kids. Why for the love of God must some people make things more difficult then they need to be?

Let's play this out for a moment....

Child: Mom, what's Schweddy Balls?

Mom: It's an ice cream flavor named after a comedy skit on television

See, if a kid has never heard of Schweddy Balls then they aren't going to put 2 + 2 = men's scrotum.

I might be 35yrs old, but it wasn't that long ago that I was a child and so I like to think I can speak with some sense of experience. When you, as the parent, make something taboo, it suddenly becomes most interesting to kids. When you take something that kids wouldn't even think twice about and start shouting from the roof tops how bad it is and imploring people to boycott it and write the company to discuss it with, kids ears perk up, they take notice, they start talking and before you know it, they are figuring out ways to sneak and get it.

I remember in November of 1984, when Madonna's song, "Like a Virgin" came out. I wasn't allowed to listen to much radio, but had heard it somehow. I didn't know that the word "virgin" was so taboo - hell, I didn't even know what it meant. To my 8 yr old self, it was just.a.word. So there I am singing it one day and one of my older sisters freaks out and tells me never to say that word again. There was no explanation of why not to say it, or anything. And let me just say as a mother myself now, I do not understand why "virgin" is so taboo. I mean, yeah, I don't really want the kids to go around using the word like they do the word "cool" but it's not a dirty word by any means.

So anyways, the word "virgin" suddenly became appealing and when no one was around, I sang my little 8 yr old heart out..."Like a virgin...."

It's this type of knee-jerk reaction by adults that make things so appealing to kids.

Here's the deal - if you don't like that Ben & Jerry's makes an ice cream called, "Schweddy Balls", then don't freakin' buy it. Simple as that. But do not tell me that I shouldn't buy it. And don't ask me to join you in boycotting it.

Nothing irritates me more than when other people try to determine what values and morals the whole world should have. As a grown woman, I am quite capable to determining morals and values on my own.

I really think that for some, it's easier to try to get rid of something that bothers them, instead of actually parenting their kids. Hey, instead of talking to your kids and using these things are a teaching tool, let's boycott it and demand they take it off the market. Step up to the damn plate - instead of trying to make things go away, do your damn job and parent your children!!!

So I say, bring on the "Schweddy Balls"...and if anyone from my local supermarket is reading, can you please get some in? I keep looking for it! LOL!

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30 Days of Lists: Day 30

30 Days of Lists: Day 30: I'm Proud of Myself For:

So today is it - the last day - day 30. 
I admit, I am more than a little sad to see it end. 
It sounds crazy, but coming up with my own lists and doing this wouldn't have been half as fun. One of the things that I loved about it, was finding out each day what the list for that day was. I enjoyed how it inspired me to think about different things - some that I dream of regularly and some that I had never really stopped to think about before. This has really been such a fantastic experience for me. 

Now to figure out what my next project will be! 

And on that note...

1.That I completed the 30 Days of Lists
2. Being the mom of a special needs child. It isn't easy by any means. There are many ups - and sadly, many downs...days where I just want to pull my hair out and cry my eyes out...but I keep on going...because I love him to bits and this is what I was meant to do. 
3. Trying new things - might not always be successful at it, but I can at least say I tried. 

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 29

30 Days of Lists: Day 29: Things That were Awesome About This Month

This is the second to the last day of 30 Days of Lists - I can't believe a month has flown by just like that. I've really enjoyed this. I don't know if this is a yearly thing or what (I really need to look into this), because I'd love to do this again! So much fun!

And now to the list:

1. Doing 30 Days of Lists
2. Kids returned back to school, which means some sense of normalcy has resumed. 
3.Cooler temps have returned.
4. Vicky's surgery is scheduled. 
5. I've been contacted to have Trevor appear on the Autism Speaks website. 
6. Got to get out to the movies
7. Scheduled my first non-family photo shoot.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 28

30 Days of Lists: Day 28: If I Ruled The World

1. No child would ever go hungry and without the best medical care
2. War would be a thing of the past - something read in history books. 
3. No person in the USA would ever go without proper medical care. 
4. Bullying would be something that no child would ever have to experience. 
5. Everyone would understand Autism - there wouldn't be any more ignorance about ASD's. 
6. The word "retard/retarded" would be eradicated from the English language. 
7. Politicians would have to be honest and held accountable when they aren't honest. 

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For my fellow digital scrappers!!!

Lcc Amy-Stoffel is closing her shop at 
Scrap Matters.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 27

30 Days of Lists: Day 27: Words & Phrases I Overuse

1. Whatever!
2. Suck it up, Buttercup!
3. Back off, Gert!
4. NO!
5. And then several others that aren't exactly words you'd use in public. *Blush* :-)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 26

30 Days of Lists: Day 26: Things To Do Before My Next Birthday

I have 152 days before I turn ....gasp....36! I don't know how this keeps happening...every year I keep getting older and older. LOL!

I think a lot can be accomplished in 152 days, so here we go:

1. Loose 25lbs
2. Return to college
3. Grow out my hair - ok, this one I've been working on since July of this year, but I want to continue and not give up like I've wanted to several times. 
4. Get a "new' vehicle 

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 25

30 Days of Lists: Day 25: Today's To-Do List:

1. Lay around and do nothing! (Done, done and done lol)

2. Contemplate doing housework (I thought about it and decided not to do it lol)

3. Make supper (Done)

4. Go to grocery store and pick up more Talenti Gelato (Done, done and so done...about to enjoy it!)

5. Check out Pinterest (Done)

Yep, today has been a pretty lazy day! :-)

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 24

30 Days of Lists: Day 24: Things I like to do when I'm sick:

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep
2. Read
3. Knit
4. Curl up with a big blanket and watch mind-numbing tv
5. Totally veg and do nothing

But let's face it, as mom's, do we really ever get to be sick? LOL 

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Friday, September 23, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 23

30 Days of Lists: Day 23: If I Won The Lottery

Who hasn't daydreamed about this at least once in their adult life? I know it's an ongoing daydream of mine! Ha! Sometimes I go to sleep at night planning it out in my head. The only problem is, I don't play the lottery, so it's really all kind of moot, but it's still fun to dream! 

Here goes: 

1. Two new vehicles 
2. Buy our first house - which I do have some requirements - a) big kitchen, b) 4 bedrooms c) playroom d) finished basement d) big master bath with Jacuzzi tub e) two car garage f) library/office space g) studio space
3. Pay off any bills/debts
4. College funds for the kids
5. Take a European vacation - Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, etc. 
6. Donate to charities that are close to our hearts 
7. Give some to our folks/family
8. Retirement Fund
9. Start my own business

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 22

30 Days of Lists: Day 22: Ways To Avoid Housework

seriously, this has become the biggest "time-suck" of my life! LOL! I absolutely love it - so many creative and wonderfully yummy things on Pinterest! 

2. Facebook 
I've tried to cut back lately...and with my new Pinterest obsession, it's been easy to cut back on Facebook! LOL! 

3. Napping...
When the kids are in school, it's much more appealing to nap then wash the kitchen floor! LOL!

4. Digi Scrapbooking
I'd much rather be creative then clean! LOL! 

5. Knitting
It's so incredibly relaxing and much more fun than cleaning, and sometimes it's so relaxing it turns into #3 - a nap! LOL! 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Picture-A-Day: Day 18

So, I go into Vicky's room this morning and find this drawing on the wall beside her bed. We made it almost 4 yrs without her writing on walls, so I guess that is a plus.

So this is a self-portrait ...she was so proud of herself because she included her "angel kiss" aka mole - which if you look it's the darker blue scribble that is outlined.

This kid makes me smile!

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30 Days of Lists: Day 21

30 Days of Lists: Day 21: TV shows I'd like to see come back

1. Torchwood

I can't for the life of me think of any shows that I really, really, want brought back other than this one. There are a lot of shows that I have loved over the years, and when they ended I was sad and would have said without a doubt that I'd want it to return. But years later, my tastes have changed and I just am no longer interested in watching them all over again. 

However, these days my favorite shows are:

1. Hells Kitchen
2. Biggest Loser
3. Law & Order SVU
4. Kitchen Nightmares
5. Masterchef
6. Pioneer Woman on Food Network
7. Days of Our Lives
8. Big Sexy
9. Say Yes to the Dress & 4 Weddings
10. Family Guy & American Dad

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 20

30 Days of Lists: Day 20: My Dream Space Would Include:

1. Lots of windows with tons of natural light
2. White walls with white wainscoting
3. Lots of pops of color in pillows/curtains/big over-sized chairs 
4. Funky lights
5. Big old/vintage-looking desk
6. Funky fabric wall art

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Thought provoking!

I saw this today on Pinterest:

Talk about thought provoking! 

I don't think I could just give one answer...it's definitely something I will be pondering today....

My answer to come...

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30 Days of Lists: Day 19

30 Days of Lists: Day 19: Inventions I wish were real!

1. A washer/dryer that could notify you by email or text message when your laundry is done because there is nothing worse then being on the second floor and running all the way down to the basement only to find out the laundry isn't done and then going back upstairs and having it finish the minute your feet hit the final step! UGH! 

2. A dishwasher...oh wait, that is real...I just don't have one! LOL! 

3. A robot that could get up with the kids so I could sleep in once in a while. 

4. A time machine, so I could go back in time and meet my grandparents.

5. Something that could suck the fat off and tone me up while I scrapbooked or read! LOL!

6. A machine that could tell the future.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 18

30 Days of Lists: Day 18: A Few of My Favorite Things

I must admit that I suddenly have the tune from "The Sound of Music" running rampant through my head...

"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
                                       Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes 
                                              Silver white winters that melt into Springs
                                                  These are a few of my favorite things"

I could go on and on with that song...makes me want to watch it. Karl isn't into musicals and would never sit through watching that, but maybe some night I'll watch it myself. 

But back to the list at hand - a few of my favorite things...

1. My kids
2. The smell of autumn
3. Coffee
4. Babies
5. Books - old or new - paper or digital 
6. Being creative
7. Getting compliments about my kids
8. A good piece of chocolate
9. Sleeping in
10. Snuggling with Karl to watch tv 
11. Digital Scrapbooking
12. Pens and pencils and paper - I love new notebooks and nice pens and the feel of pen to papter
13. Clean house
14. Photography

I know there are more...so much to think about!

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30 Days of Lists: Day 17

30 Days of Lists: Day 17: Fictional Characters I Have Fallen in Love With

This seems like it's going to be a fun list! 

1. Mike Seaver 
2. Charles (Charles in Charge)
3. Tom Hanson
4. Bo & Luke Duke
5. Will Smith

Those of course were my crushes from when I was a kid/teen. 

1. Elliot Stabler
2. Edward Cullen
3. Dr. Gregory House
4. Captain Jack Harkness

There are probably more but these came to mind immediately! 
If you know what shows these are from, I'd love to know. :-) 

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Picture-A-Day: 16 & 17

Yesterday we took a ride and ended up at the former Loring Air Force Base, (Limestone, Maine). It is such a sad thing to me - seeing this huge air base sitting basically unused. The government closed the air base in 1994. Unfortunately, the effect it had on those of us living in Aroostook County, was a rather large one. It definitely affected the economy of Aroostook. I never got to go on the base while it was still an active air base, but I've looked at lots of pictures online, heard the stories my dad has told and can imagine in my mind's eye what it must have been like back then. So, as I said, seeing it sit unused it just a sad thing to me. Sure, some civilian businesses have moved in and some other gov't agencies (like DFAS), it's just not the same. It's a major part of our local history. 
I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday or take a new picture for today, so I am going to post several to make up for that! 

 One of the hangers.
 It is my understanding that this was a gym/rec center.
Close-up of the tower.
 This is a United States Army Kwajalein Atoll plane - not sure what the story is with this plane but I am trying to find out from local news sources.

 Former chapel
 Former heating plant that they had tried to implode, only it didn't happen. So now they are tearing it down. 

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Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 16

30 Days of Lists: Day 16: Dream Jobs

1. Mom - Thankfully, I was able to have this dream come true. It's truly the most fulfilling and hardest job I've ever done. 
2. Photographer
3. Restaurateur
4. Psychologist
5. Writer

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Picture-A-Day: Day 15
Tonight was pizza night - it's kind of become a tradition to have homemade pizza on Friday nights. 
This pizza is made with a beer pizza dough, crumbled sausage, crumbled hamburger, pepperoni, bacon, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese. It was so incredibly yummy! Nom! Nom! Nom!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 15

30 Days of Lists: Day 15: Things That Motivate Me

1. My special needs son
2. my kids
3. My husband
4. Reading
5. Music
7. Inspirational Quotes
8. Other special needs moms/bloggers

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Picture-A-Day: Day 14
Victoria will be four at the end of November and of course, she's my little princess, so when I saw this tiara at Claire's today on clearance for 75% off, I grabbed it! It will make for some fabulous birthday pictures! And definitely worth it for $3.00

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Picture-A-Day: Day 13

Someone got a haircut...she looks sad in this picture, but I assure you she was happy, I just happen to catch her not smiling. She actually wanted more cut off! LOL!

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30 Days of Lists: Day 14

30 Days of Lists: Day 14: My Favorite Outfits

I don't have many favorite pieces of clothing. I've gotten to a point in my weight, that I buy whatever I can that fits and can hide some of my weight. Clothes shopping is a chore these days. I have visions of what I'd wear if I could get these pounds off, but they'll have to stay in my dreams until the time comes. 

So for now, my favorite outfits:

1. Old t-shirt, lounge/yoga pants, flip flops
2. Jeans/t-shirt/flip flops
3. PJ's
4. Big, old, worn sweatshirt/jeans

I detest socks...unfortunately living in northern Maine doesn't bode well for wearing flip flops year round. I'll wear them inside the house, but eventually here I'll have to cave and put those darned socks on. 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Ziploc Sippy Cups

A couple months ago I purchased some Ziploc brand sippy cups. I know Vicky is almost 4, but both kids like to take water to bed in case they get thirsty, and so it makes it easier to have sippy cups for that. Not to mention, depending on what she is drinking, I prefer a sippy cup. Ever seen a toddler drink grape juice from a regular cup? Yeah, me either and I don't want to! LOL!

So I bought these cups - a four pack. I've always trusted the Ziploc brand and so I never gave it a second thought when I purchased the cups. But they are horrible. I finally threw them away today after Vicky had fruit juice spill out all over her outfit...again! Grrr!

No matter how tight you turn the lid, the cups leak...not just a drip here and a drip there...but drip, drip, drop, drop, dropdropdropdrop, DROP, spill, spill, SPILLING! I've got to say I am really disappointed with them - total waste of money. I actually wrote to Ziploc tonight to inform them of what I thought and our experience with them. I'll be interested to see what they have to say about it.

So if you see them in your store, just keep on walking by...they aren't worth the plastic they are made with!!

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Picture-A-Day: Day 12

Someone didn't want to go to bed!

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Picture-A-Day: Day 11
Again, I am a day late in posting this, but better late then never! 

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