Monday, January 17, 2011

Fake Potatoes or how I lie to my children!

So, as you know (or maybe you don't know, but you will now) we, as in Karl and I, are following a low-carb lifestyle. I hesitate to call it a diet, because we all know that "dieting" implies that you'll go back to eating the same old junk once you've gotten the weight off, and I'll be damned if that is going to happen this time.

So we were looking for an alternative for mashed potatoes. I admit, I am not a huge potato fan...until you take it away from me and then suddenly potatoes seem so attractive.

So, we now enjoy fake mashed potatoes - cook cauliflower till very soft, toss into the food processor and add any ingredients you normally would in regular mashed potatoes - eg. milk/cream/salt and pepper/sour cream/chives/etc. Karl, who isn't a cauliflower fan at all, absolutely loves them! I no longer miss mashed potatoes!!

So, by now you are wondering where the heck the whole lying to my kids comes into play...well, sit a spell and I'll tell ya. I know, I know, these days it is a total faux pas to lie to your children - yes, lying to my children about things like Santa and the tooth fairy and where babies come from well undoubtedly send my children into therapy as adults...pffbbtt!

Trevor is extremely picky these days when it comes to food - and I know a good part of that is due to his special needs. So when he saw the fake potatoes and asked what it was, I lied. Yes, I said it - I lied to my child. I told him they were regular potatoes, because I knew if I told him it was mashed cauliflower it would have been a struggle to get him to try it. So I lied and he ate it. And yes, he said they aren't his favorite potatoes, but he ate them twice now without complaints and in this house that is nothing short of a small victory.

There you have it...I lie to my kids! Sometimes it's small things like this or sometimes it's big things like believing in Santa because *I* feel kids deserve to have something a lil magical in their sue me!


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