Monday, January 24, 2011

Small Victories

I realized this morning that I forgot to blog about one of my small victories! Shame on me!

Before starting this new way of life, I was pre-diabetic. My once very low blood sugar levels were steadily rising. It used to be nothing to test and get a 98...suddenly I'd test and be at 140 - while that may seem low to some, it was devastating to me. I had always been very happy that diabetes was not something I had to deal with. When that started to change, it really hit me. I've watched Karl struggle with it - I've watched him take numerous pills - and then move onto insulin shots. The idea that that was what I'd be facing sooner than later, was extremely sobering.

Since we've started this new WOL (way of life), my blood sugar levels are returning to normal. The highest I've seen it since we started was 110...but usually it's in the 90's now...the lowest being 91.

I am loving the fact that this is reversing...that I am taking control of my health and stopped this dead in it's tracks before it had completely taken hold of me. It's such a great feeling!

You know ever since I was a kid, I "spilled" sugar into my urine...I mean like literally every time I was tested I'd have amounts of sugar in my urine, yet my blood sugar previously had been fantastic. Doctors could never understand or explain it. I bought some test strips a week or so ago and tested and since cutting out all the junk and watching our carbs, I am no longer "spilling" sugar in my urine. Another small victory!!! sweet!

And while I am on this note, I should add that Karl is seeing his numbers starting to a point where depending on the results, he's been able to skip shots because the number was so good. I am extremely confident that as we continue this road, Karl will be able to get off most, if not all, of these medications. And that my friends, will be something to celebrate in a huge way!!!


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