Sunday, January 2, 2011

So, how about those changes?

Last nights post I started talking about how this was going to be a year of changes - so here I am to continue where I left off.

Karl and I have decided jointly that we are going to get healthy this year. For me, that not only includes body but mind too! I am a hater - hater of myself. I am much harsher on myself than on others. I know a lot of that comes from the upbringing I had, but nevertheless, it needs to change.

I've put on so much weight - since we moved up here on March 30, 2008 - not even three years - I've gained 30lbs. Now, some of that has just been plain ole' bad eating, but there's also been some depression and stress in the mix and when you combine all of it, it's surely a recipe for disaster. At this very moment in time, I weigh more than I did when pregnant with either of the kids. Something has to be done. I am prediabetic, my blood pressure is starting to climb, I ache all over, I have a torn ACL in my right knee...need I go on? But not only is my weight wrecking havoc on my body, it's controlling my mind - I refuse to go out with friends because of it - I don't like to do certain activities - I'll be honest, I don't even like to or want to go out with the kids and play - I am embarrassed about my size and I can't keep up with them.

This is no way to live.

This isn't living ...this is just getting by. Trust me, there is a difference.

Karl, being a diabetic who is on numerous medications, wants to loose weight as well. He'd like to get his diabetes in control enough that he could get off most, if not all of his meds.

So yesterday was day one...I hesitate to say what we are doing, because there is always controversy about it and I hate feeling like I need to defend myself. But the truth is we are basically following Atkins. Karl has been advised by every physician since being diagnosed with diabetes to follow a low-carb lifestyle, which is why we've chosen this.

Now let me clear up a couple misconceptions:

1. We are not giving up all carbs - that would be next to impossible. Atkins does *not* require you to forgo all carbs.

2. We *are* cutting out all the bad carbs - you know the processed, refined, white stuff - rice, potatoes, sugar, flour, cookies, cakes, breads, chips, etc. The carbs we are eating are natural carbs - carbs found in things like fruits and veggies.

3. This isn't an all meat - all fat type of thing. We don't sit around like Neanderthals eating dinosaur sized turkey legs and drinking lard. 

For example, last night's dinner consisted of baked salmon with bok choy and roasted red pepper puree, garden salad and green beans. Nothing about that sounds like a fad or far-fetched or impossible to eat regularly, does it?

This morning for breakfast I made a southwestern omelet packed with veggies - used Egg Beaters. Lunch we had tuna on a bed of lettuce with other veggies. Dinner tonight will be steak with roasted asparagus and salad. (For the kids, I do cook some sort of starch - pasta or rice or potato.) But as you can see it's very healthy foods.

In addition to eating better, I am trying to wean myself off of caffeine and diet sodas and drink more water. This is harder for me because I am not a big drinker to begin with but I am trying.

So, here we are coming towards the end of day 2. I am proud of myself.

I know you may be sitting there thinking, "so what? two days? big deal!".

But this is such a struggle for me...and if I don't take it one day at a time, I'll never make it.

The house is full of holiday candy and I haven't once touched it. Even last night when I was sitting here bored and normally would have turned to that candy, I didn't - I had a string cheese and went about my scrapping.
This is the kids candy haul from Christmas!

This is to show just how big that bag is - the first picture might be deceiving - it's huge! 

It's all about the baby steps! One day at a time!

So, let me prepare you - I'll probably talk a lot about this journey in between my other ramblings - you've been warned. :-) I may even share recipes and pictures! Gasp! LOL!

I will say I've decided that Saturdays are my weigh-in day - so I'll definitely be posting on Saturdays - hopefully with losses! Once a month, I am going to have Karl take my picture in the same outfit each time, so that I can chronicle my progress in photos - but I am no where near ready to disclose those or my actual weight number.

So here is to a new tomorrow - a new year - a new me.....


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