Saturday, June 18, 2011

8 Months of Crazy

Laying in bed last night I got to thinking about the past 8 months - it's been one hell of a ride let me tell you!

November 2010: 
- I had my remaining 3 wisdom teeth removed
- Vicky's 3rd birthday
- Thanksgiving

December 2010:
- Vicky has tonsils/adenoids surgery
- Trevor's support services end
- Christmas

January 2011:
- New Years 

February 2011:
-Trevor's 7th birthday
-Karl has carpal tunnel surgery
- Karl and Trevor go away for a weekend

March 2011:
- My 35th birthday
- Trevor is hospitalized for a week again
-Karl gets done at his job and begins a new job

April 2011:
- I have knee surgery
-Our 12th wedding anniversary
- Easter

May 2011:
-Karl has carpal tunnel surgery on other wrist
- Vicky has biopsy on her "Angel Kiss"
- Preschool ends for Vicky

June 2011:
-School ends for Trevor
- I have hysterectomy

Sadly June isn't done either. On Monday, I take Vicky back to the Dr. to follow-up on the biopsy results and schedule the surgery to remove it. And next month Trevor will go for his consultation with the Orthodontist. 

What this doesn't take into account is all the other doctor's appointments, therapy appointments, errands, etc. I really am hoping that maybe the rest of this year things can slow down and return to "normal"...whatever that is! LOL! And I am hoping that I am done going under the knife for a looooong time! 

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