Monday, June 6, 2011


Today Victoria had a biopsy on her mole in preparation for upcoming surgery to remove it. The biopsy was not only to make sure that it's nothing cancerous but also to determine how deep this mole is. Once the doctor knows how deep it is, he'll be able to tell if he can remove it via laser or if he'll have to cut it out. They will have the results back within a week. They wanted us to come back next week, but with me having surgery myself next week, we are going back in two weeks instead.

I must say I was so proud of Vicky today - she couldn't eat or drink for 6 hours prior to her appointment. It was a long morning for her since her appointment wasn't till 12:20pm. She asked for food/drink a few times and even said that she couldn't take it any longer, but she never really whined or had any tantrums. She was such a good girl about everything. And so very brave during the whole appointment. They just adore her today! It was cute when the Dr. and nurse came in to the room at first and said that Vicky won the award for cutest patient for the day! :-) 

So, we return in two weeks and will schedule surgery then. She's just so anxious to have it off. I hate that she's been made fun of it because of it. I wanted her to grow up and love herself even with that mark. I wanted her to grow up knowing how beautiful she was because of it. I hate that even at 3.5yrs old, she's been made fun of by kids and adults alike. Some people really suck! 

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