Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Death of Fairy Tales

The other morning on Facebook I saw a blog post from I think maybe it was Parents magazine regarding little girls and watching Disney movies. There seems to be this growing phenomenon that if we let our little girls watch fairy tales movies they will grow up to be disillusioned young women who sit idly by waiting for a handsome prince with nary a brain cell in their little heads.

I am not sure where this idea started or when it started becoming such a major issue in the forefront of parenting. Perhaps it was the same time that parents felt they needed to really push aside the traditional ideas of childhood. It's like there is this growing trend to buck anything that is tradition - anything that comes from our parents and grandparents generation. Parents seem to be working overtime these days to make sure their little girls play in the dirt and with superheros and their little boys play dress up and Barbie. Instead of just letting kids be...letting kids just play as they want...parents these days are making such a production of making sure their kids buck the trend. I see it all over the Internet - parents who go out of their way to make sure the world knows that their daughters play with cars and their boys play with dolls. Who cares? I mean would it be the end of the world if a boy did play with trucks and a girl did play with dolls? No. Nor is it the end of the world when a girl plays with trucks and a boy plays with dolls. It's just not that big of a deal.

But somewhere along the way, parenting became askew.

Somewhere along the way it became a faux-pas to let your little girl watch a Disney Princess movie and let her dream of someday becoming a fairy princess. Because let's face it - there are a whole bunch of crazy ass women out there who believe their prince will come all thanks to Disney and it's damn movies. I hope their parents are paying for their therapy bills.

So, let's toss aside the fairy tales because it gives the wrong message to our little girls. And while we are at it, let's throw away books too...because they too could lead young girl astray, right? I mean, some little girls could grow up thinking that spiders really do talk and that pigs really wear little red dresses and pick on their little "bothers".

What kills me is on the flip side, while we are pushing aside fairy tales, we have embraced the trampy look for little girls. Padded bikini tops - thongs and other skimpy underwear - shoes with chunky wedges/heels - pants with catchy phrases across the ass - . It's ok to dress little girls like little live "Bratz" dolls but heaven forbid they have the innocent belief in a fairy tale. Tell me this isn't a messed up world! Does a 4 yr old really need to have the word "juicy" across her backside? Does a 3 yr old really need hooker shoes? Does a 7 yr old really need padding for her bikini?

I am a 35 yr old grown woman - a married woman - a mother of two. I played with Barbie's and Tonka trucks...I watched Disney movies till the cows came home...I also watched "Little House on the Prairie" and " The Waltons" ...and yet somehow I managed to come out of my childhood unscathed. I did not grow up with this crazy idea that I'd literally be a princess.

I think it's time to get our heads out of our asses! Time to get our priorities straight!

Kids are only little once...part of childhood is believing in magical things like the ToothFairy, Disney Princess's, Santa, etc.

The real harm comes from taking that innocence away.

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  1. Oh you are so right in this. The world has gone mad!! I raised two boys. They had cowboys guns and tommy guns and watched scary movies. Neither are criminals, abusers, or plain old crazy. why? Because we taught them manners, the difference between right and wrong, respect and most importantly the difference between reality and fiction!