Monday, June 20, 2011

Lost of Innocence & Biopsy Follow-Up

Today I took Victoria to the doctor for a follow-up on her biopsy for her mole. As with any appointments we have, I always go above and beyond to make sure the kids look perfect. It's a thing of mine - I grew up in a family where going to appointments, be it doctor, school, etc, you wore your Sunday best. Hair was done, clothes were dressy and clean and ironed, faces/hands were clean - basically there was not a thing out of place. I know it's ridiculous but it's just one of those things from my own childhood that I can't seem to shake!

So today I put a dress on Vicky - a cute little navy blue sundress with pink/white polka dots all over it, a little lightweight pink sweater (it was only about 60 degrees today), and her sandals. I did her hair up with some curls and a navy bow to match. She looked perfect! 

Now here is where I admit, that I thoroughly enjoy all the compliments I get when we go places and people comment on how nice my kids look. 

So the minute we step out of the car, we are met by one of the office workers returning from lunch. She begins to gush on about Vicky. We get inside and they immediately go crazy - they really adore her. They all know her and come to see her - commenting on how cute she looks again today. 

We are called back and the doctor comes in and of course, he gushes over her too - said she is a cutie patootie. She acts all shy and puts her head down but the big smile can't be hidden. LOL! 

Anyways, the appointment went well - the mole is benign, which is a huge relief! He wants to start conservatively and try the laser first. If that doesn't work well enough, then he can incise it. I agree with him in starting conservatively. Because she is still young, the scarring should be fairly minimal and overtime will become less and less. However, he wants to give the area from the biopsy plenty of time to heal before he starts the removal process. So we are going to wait 10 weeks and then go back in and go from there. So glad everything is falling into place. And I am so glad we have this doctor - he's absolutely fabulous! 

So, by now you are wondering what this has to do with the lost of innocence. Well, let me tell you...

As we sat in the waiting room, Vicky got on the floor to play at a toy box they have in the waiting room. Sitting  in front of her were two older men - 60's? 70's? - somewhere around that. Anyways, being a little girl who loves to play, she was moving around quite a bit and it hit me that at any moment, she'd be flashing her panties at these old men. And in that moment, I was so mad at myself for not having something under the dress. I wanted to tell her to pull her dress down but didn't want to draw attention to it. As I sat there hoping she'd move and her dress wouldn't expose anymore, I got to thinking...we live in a day and age where we have to be concerned about our little girls accidentally exposing themselves. I remember at one point talking to some moms who bought shorts for their daughters to wear under dresses and I didn't really understand what the big deal was all about. But now I have a little girl and I want to protect her above everything. The very thought that some old man (or young man or woman or alien with red eyes - point is it doesn't matter) might be having lewd thoughts about my little girl pisses me off in a big way. 

We live in a time where kids have lost so much innocence.  We live in such an eff'd up world that our kids have to pay the price. It's sad really when you think about it. 

So I am off to scour the net for some inexpensive plain shorts that I can put on Vicky under her dresses....sigh....

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  1. Sucks terribly that the world has evolved into a scary place. Buy those shorts and teach your children well!