Sunday, June 5, 2011


It seems like just yesterday that I was posting on Facebook and here on the blog about Vicky sleeping in our bed and my attempts to get it to stop. But the truth is, she hasn't slept in our bed all night long in a long time.

You know when you are in the moment, it seems like it will never end. You try to reassure yourself that your child won't still be in your bed when she is 15! LOL! 

And so it seemed like it lasted forever, but in actuality, it ended rather quickly. And I miss it. 

Yep, there I said it! 

Oh hell, I love my sleep...I love being able to sprawl out...roll over on a whim...hang my leg over the side of the bed....use 4 pillows...etc...that is all fabulous....but....

...but there is the part of me that misses that warm, little body curled up in my arms sleeping ever so peacefully. 

Tonight we let Vicky stay up late and watch tv in bed with us and don't you know that she ended up falling asleep in my arms. 

And it was magical! 

I let her sleep there for half an hour before I tucked her into bed and kissed her one last time. 

Right before my very eyes, these kids are growing up in what seems like leaps and bounds. One day I am changing diapers and breastfeeding and the next we are playing board games and doing crafts. Long gone are the days of round-the-clock feedings, burp pads, diapers, enormous diaper bags, itty-bitty baby clothes, etc. 

When we had Trevor, I found myself looking forward to every single new milestone. Looking back, it seems like I rushed his babyhood...anxious to see him grow and do new things. So when Victoria came along, I swore (no, really, I said it out loud to Karl even) that I would not rush her - I would enjoy each stage - I wouldn't "push" for each new milestone. But it didn't work - she still grew up way too fast. She's 3.5yrs going on 25. It's not often that she wants to sit still long enough to cuddle with me - I joke that she has ants in her pants - she's go, go, go!!! So, when moments like tonight come along, where I can cuddle her and watch her sleep peacefully in my arms, I cherish it and soak it all up! 

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