Monday, August 15, 2011

9 Weeks

In just 33 short minutes, it will be 9 weeks since I had my surgery. 

In these past 9 weeks, the first three were touch and go. I questioned many a time what in the world was I thinking by having a hysterectomy. 

But the past 6 weeks have been pretty glorious. 

I won't lie - there are times when the heart still pangs for the child(ren) that won't be. 

But overall I feel amazing. 

I haven't had any pain in 6 weeks. 

I haven't had to load my purse with all sorts of feminine hygiene paraphernalia "just in case". 

I haven't had any massive pimple breakouts. 

I haven't had the major moodiness - the highs and lows that could make anyone' s head spin. 

No more planning my months around when I have my period. 

I am breathing a major sigh of relief. 

I am living life again. 

I am enjoying life again. 

My skin looks better. 

My nails are growing. 

My hair is shining. 

My mood is stable. 

Had you asked me 9 weeks ago tomorrow if I was glad I had the surgery, I most definitely would have had stammered to answer you. 

Today I can honestly say that yes, yes I am glad that I've had the surgery. 

Now I can tackle other areas of my life! 

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