Monday, September 19, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 19

30 Days of Lists: Day 19: Inventions I wish were real!

1. A washer/dryer that could notify you by email or text message when your laundry is done because there is nothing worse then being on the second floor and running all the way down to the basement only to find out the laundry isn't done and then going back upstairs and having it finish the minute your feet hit the final step! UGH! 

2. A dishwasher...oh wait, that is real...I just don't have one! LOL! 

3. A robot that could get up with the kids so I could sleep in once in a while. 

4. A time machine, so I could go back in time and meet my grandparents.

5. Something that could suck the fat off and tone me up while I scrapbooked or read! LOL!

6. A machine that could tell the future.

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  1. love the fat machine.. I came up with that one too! ha

  2. oh my gosh are you funny. love all of these and am laughing just picturing you going up and down the stairs for your laundry. I always forget I'm doing mine till later when it's sat there all day. Seriously cute!!